Bringing Independent Pharmacy Back to Jay, Maine

Spruce Mountain Pharmacy is pleased to bring community pharmacy back to the residents of Jay, Maine. The independent pharmacy has been proudly serving its community for 11 years, after previous pharmacies in the area sold their businesses to retail giants.

“Spruce Mountain Pharmacy is known for our customer service,” says Steve Maki, pharmacist and owner at Spruce Mountain Pharmacy. “We take care of our customers from start to finish; we really do try and put ‘community’ in community pharmacy.”

Passionate about providing patients the best experience, Maki knew that he had to find an innovative way to stand out and grow his business. 

“We wanted to make ourselves different and market ourselves as being the pharmacy that could offer different services, other than count by fives and put it in a vial,” says Maki. “That's what RapidPakRx does for us - it brings that competitive edge.”

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Pharmacist Verification Made Easy 

“The most attractive feature that I have found so far on the RapidPakRx is the pharmacist verification,” says Maki. The RapidPakRx uses a 3-step machine vision verification system to help pharmacists easily check the accuracy of each pouch. 

With an easier verification process, Maki has seen an improvement in his workflow.

“When it comes to workflow with our pharmacist, the RapidPakRx allows us to see what's coming at us, what needs to be verified, when it needs to be verified,” says Maki. Knowing exactly when scripts need to be reviewed allows Maki to dedicate valuable pharmacist time to other profitable services. 

“The RapidPakRx has done a really good job at helping us focus on med sync, and getting adherence in place,” says Maki. “I think it's been a really good workflow enhancement for us, making us a little bit more efficient.”

Empowering Patients - (Doctors Love it, too) 

Since acquiring RapidPakRx, Spruce Mountain Pharmacy has seen significant improvement in patient adherence. 

“Patients are now able to feel empowered,” says Maki. “They like the way that the packaging comes in, and that all the medications are in the pouches.” Each pouch is clearly labeled with the date and time that the medication needs to be taken, simplifying the process for patients. The multi-med pouches are also small enough to fit into carry-on luggage or even small handbags, making it convenient to take on-the-go. 

Not only are patients loving the pouch packaging at Spruce Mountain Pharmacy, but doctors are also seeing improvements in patient health outcomes.

“The doctor's office called me the other day and said they were really happy because they [previously] had a patient come in with a little baggy full of all their meds and had no idea what anything was,” says Maki. “The next patient that came in to do the med check had our RapidPakRx packaging and everything was organized, and easy to follow to find out how the patient was taking their medicine.”

A Competitive Edge   

“If I was a pharmacist looking for something to bring in where I was going to invest my money, the RapidPakRx definitely is a valuable tool that you can use to market your pharmacy, grow your business and push your pharmacy forward in the community,” says Maki.

Since acquiring the RapidPakRx, Spruce Mountain Pharmacy has experienced exponential growth. “We're up to around 25 new customers that have transferred to us, and we anticipate that number to continue to grow,” adds Maki. 

“The fact that we offer that additional service is generating more interest in transferring to us and becoming a customer here at Spruce Mountain Pharmacy,” says Maki.

Partnering with RxSafe   

“RxSafe has been a great team, a great partner to work with here at Spruce Mountain Pharmacy,” says Maki. “We feel that it's a partnership more than just a business association, and we appreciate that.”

At RxSafe, we truly value the success of our customers. We want to ensure that independent pharmacists succeed and thrive well into the future, despite all the challenges facing the industry today. 

If you want to learn more about Spruce Mountain Pharmacy’s experience with the RapidPakRx, please watch the video above. To learn more about the RapidPakRx, please visit our product page, or speak with an adherence expert now at (877) 797-2332.


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