"Growing Your Business with Supplements" -- Webinar Recap

Independent pharmacies are a critical component in communities across the country, yet they are constantly facing challenges that threaten their survival. 

Executing on innovative ideas and expanding healthcare services can help an independent pharmacy survive and surpass its goals. 

We recently hosted an interactive panel of pharmacy professionals who shared their experiences growing their business with supplements while utilizing the RapidPakRx. We have highlighted our favorite key points from the webinar below. 


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Start Small + Be Selective  

With thousands of supplement brands on the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed in the selection process. 

How do you choose which supplements to offer? 

Omar Eliwa, panelist and owner of Welltopia Pharmacy, found a solution that paid off for his business. “It has to be step by step, it has to be only what you are educated on from those supplements because they're not selling themselves,” says Eliwa. “They are very expensive and if they expire, no one is going to take them from you.”

“One thing I learned is to never buy more than one or two bottles from something new, because some of them are not going to be suitable for your patients or for your team,” adds Eliwa. 

Ordering a small supply of supplements is the best way to test the response to the new product. Eliwa even goes the extra mile by personally taking the supplements himself, and sharing his health experience with patients. This first-hand experience makes it easier for patients to trust the quality of the supplements, and feel more comfortable adding it to their monthly adherence packaging.

Building Patient Health... and Loyalty

Many patients do not realize the health advantages of incorporating supplements into their medication regimen. When a pharmacy begins to offer adherence pouch packaging, it is easier for patients to take vitamins and supplements that complement their medications. 

“Our technician is really good about speaking to the patients about supplements,” says Shelby Young, panelist and co-owner of Roberta Pharmacy. 

“She discusses upgrading some of their supplements, and encourages patients to talk to our pharmacist about the compliance with their supplements versus their medications and what else they may need to be on,” says Young. 

Engaging in educational conversations about supplements can help strengthen the relationship between the pharmacist and patients. When patients begin to adhere to the proper vitamins, they begin to experience positive changes to their health. These changes can solidify their trust in their pharmacists, and make them a loyal customer for life.

Reaching New Patients  

In independent pharmacy, standing out can be a challenge. When trying to reach new patients, supplements can make your pharmacy the top choice. Scott Pace, panelist and owner of Kavanaugh Pharmacy, made it a goal to get new patients on adherence pouch packaging. 

How did he do it? 

“My wife scheduled little weekly business meeting with local physician practices where they would give her 10 minutes between seeing their 50 patients that day,” says Pace, “She would come in and talk about what the packaging service is, how it benefits the patient, how it benefits the pharmacy, and how it benefits the doctor trying to make sure that all the incentives are aligned.”

“Almost without exception, within the first 12 hours, she'll get one or two new patients automatically referred just from those encounters,” adds Pace.

Building relationships with physicians can help connect new patients to your pharmacy. The patient will have a better health report the next time they see their doctor, and will feel more confident in their health.

Supplements + Adherence Pouch Packaging  

Are you ready to grow your business with supplements?

Omar Eliwa, Shelby Young, and Scott Pace incorporate their patients’ supplements into adherence pouch packaging using the RapidPakRx. 

The RapidPakRx uses universal cartridges, making it compatible with thousands of medications and supplements on the market. A 3-step integrated vision verification system helps pharmacists quickly check the accuracy of each pouch.

Completing a 31-day med cycle can be easily done with the unmatched speed and accuracy of the RapidPakRx. If you would like to learn more about how the RapidPakRx can help you manage a supplement program, please visit our product page. To speak with an adherence automation expert, please call (877) 797-2332.


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