Med Sync Made Easy

Improving patient experience is a top priority for pharmacy owners, and incorporating effective programs can help a pharmacy retain and grow its customer base. One program that is gaining popularity with many pharmacists is called medication synchronization. To briefly explain, medication synchronization can help patients obtain their prescriptions more regularly by allowing all their medications to be picked up in just one visit.

This program helps improve patient adherence, which ultimately has a positive impact on patient health. It also helps minimize the number of abandoned pills left by patients, decreasing inventory and labor costs. If you are interested in adding medication synchronization to your pharmacy but don’t know where to start, here are a few tips to help you incorporate a program. 

Getting Med Sync Started 

Some pharmacy owners choose to manually keep track of their adherence program on paper, but technology can simplify the process. There are several pharmacy management systems that can be used to help your pharmacy transition into starting a medication synchronization program. Here’s an alphabetical list of some popular PMS providers that can help with med sync:

  • ComputerRx: Offers a built-in medication synchronization program in their software, as well as an adherence reporting feature.
  • EnterpriseRx: Management system that centralizes data, and can automate calls to remind patients of prescription pick ups. It also allows patients to submit refill requests and review their medication through an online web page.
  • PharmacyRx: Management system that is web-based, allowing the user to access information from any location. Includes a medication synchronization function, for pharmacy owners to easily incorporate a system to keep track of patient prescriptions.
  • Pharmaserve: On-site management system, that allows coordination of patient prescription refills to simplify medication synchronization. 
  • PioneerRx: Software that allows for the addition of a medication synchronization program. It also calculates medication possession ratio and how many days a patient has been without medication. These features help pharmacies keep track of the success of their patients' adherence.
  • QS/1: Pharmacy management system that offers a variety of adherence programs for customers to choose from. Each program offers different features, allowing pharmacists to pick the one that works best in their pharmacy.
  • Rx30: Features a medication synchronization program as a core service. This software assists by picking a synchronization date for patients, and provides notifications for refills and new prescriptions. 

Each pharmacy management system listed above complements a medication synchronization program, and can help your pharmacy get started. Be sure to take a look at each pharmacy management system closely, as they offer extra features that can help improve efficiency in your pharmacy. With the help of a pharmacy management system, a pharmacy can keep track of a large number of patients and automate calls and schedule refills, making it easier for staff to incorporate the new program.

Keeping Your Patients in Sync

Getting patients on med sync is one thing. Keeping them sync'd is another.

That's where the RapidPakRx strip packaging system can help. Adherence strip packaging helps patients remain consistent with their medications, because for each med pass, patients only open one multi-med pouch that contains the medication names, date, and time to be taken. This removes the hassle of patients trying to remember which medications to take on a certain day at a specific time. The RapidPakRx is able to fill 50 multi-dose pouches per minute, dramatically decreasing the time it takes to fill medications for patients with a large number of prescriptions. During slower times your staff can pre-fill prescriptions, and have them ready for patient pick up.

If you are interested in increasing patient adherence, and want to learn more about the RapidPakRx strip packaging system, call now at (877) 365-2369 or visit our product page to sign up for a demo.


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