Medication Adherence - Webinar Recap

The role of pharmacists is continuously evolving. Gone are the days that pharmacists simply filled vials for patients. Across the countrypharmacists are improving patient care by offering a variety of value-added services that range from strip packaging to COVID-19 vaccinations.   

Medication adherence has long been aissue that most patients struggle to achievePharmacists know that medication non-adherence negatively impacts the patient’s health and can also reduce Star Ratings – which increaseDIR fees for the pharmacy 

In our latest webinar Beyond the Vial, Transform Your Pharmacy Series: Medication Adherence, RxSafe invited a nationally known adherence expert to lead a panel discussion on the challenges and solutions that help independent pharmacists better understand how to overcome medication nonadherence.

The Fight Against Misinformation 

“Probably the biggest reason why patients don't adhere to their medication to begin with is misunderstanding or a lack of recognition by the patients on the value of that medication towards the long-term treatment,” says Dr. Andrew M. Peterson, Professor of Clinical Pharmacy & Health Policy at the University of the Sciences.  

Misinformation can easily influence patients. If a patient is told by a friend or relative that a certain medication gave them a bad reaction, the likelihood that the patient will properly adhere to the medication notably decreases.  

“A lot of that has to do with the education that the providers are giving when the prescription is delivered, that first touch,” says Dr. PetersonDr. Peterson believes that reducing misinformation starts with the pharmacist. 

Steve Maki, owner of Spruce Mountain Pharmacy, agrees that the first touch can help reduce misinformation. “In our experience it's that first touch, getting the medication into the hands of the patient, and explaining to them the importance of adherence,” says Maki.  

To watch the full webinar, click the video above. 

Simplifying the Medications   

When a patient needs to take multiple medications, it can quickly become overwhelming.  

“We have multiple patients who have over 10 medications, and I just think I'd probably miss some as well,” says Doug Niedermann, owner of Blairs Ferry Family Pharmacy.  

Simplifying the meds can significantly improve medication adherence. Niedermann started a strip packaging service, using the RapidPakRx, to make it easier on patients. 

“By putting their medications into the pouches and having them organized for them, they have come in for their 30-day supply every time,” says Niedermann.   

“It's really increased compliance and simplified the patient's medication regimen because they know when to take it and they're better at taking it, and if it's during the day they can rip off the pouch and take it with them,” adds Niedermann. 

Meet Our Panelists 

Our host, Todd Eury, is the founder of the Pharmacy Podcast Network. Eury is passionate about the pharmacy industry and creates valuable content to help pharmacy owners succeed. With nearly 80,000 listeners, Eury is a pharmacy leader who is constantly partnering with experts across the industry to build content for pharmacy professionals.  

Dr. Andrew Peterson, PharmD, PhD, has over 20 years of research experience in pharmacy management, managed care pharmacy, medications compliance, and medication in the environment. Currently, Dr. Peterson is sharing his knowledge as professor at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia 

Doug NiedermannPharmD, is the owner of Blairs Ferry Family Pharmacy located in Hiawatha, Iowa.  Niedermann has owned the independent pharmacy since 2014 and has steadily worked towards his goal of reducing the burden of taking medications for patients.  

Steve Maki, RPh, realized there was a need for independent pharmacy in the community of Jay, Maine. In 2009, Maki opened Spruce Mountain Pharmacy to help serve his community. Since opening, Maki has been passionate about offering first-class service for every patient that walks through his doors. 

We want to thank our panelists for sharing their expertise as pharmacy professionals and providing valuable insight into addressing medication adherence.  

If you would like to learn how the RapidPakRx can help your pharmacy improve medication adherencewatch the webinar replay above or visit our websiteor call an adherence expert at (877) 797-2332.


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