Profit: Mula Family Pharmacy Prospers and Its Patients Thrive with RxSafe

Mula Family Pharmacy & Gifts in Abbeville, Louisiana has been in business for nearly three years. Owner Mark Mula knew right away that he was going to use automation to become a progressive pharmacy in order to maximize revenue and provide patients with the best possible care. Taking advantage of the IRS Code Section 179 deduction for capital expenses, Mark purchased the RxSafe 1800 after his first year in business.

“I looked into several different medication dispensing systems or robotics, and I found out hands down that RxSafe was what I was looking for in order for us to grow, not only now but ten years down the road.”

In the video below, Mark shares valuable information and insights on how the RxSafe went to work immediately in his store, increasing revenue and the quality of patient care.  

Here are some highlights:

Return on Investment

  • Time Saved is Money Earned

According to Mark, with the RxSafe in place, Mula Family Pharmacy & Gifts began to see a significant increase in business and revenue as a direct result of time saved.

“It has really affected our profit margin because it freed up our time and allowed us to work on and focus on projects in areas that are very profitable for our pharmacy.”

  • Expanded Programs and Services

Technicians’ time saved with RxSafe enabled Mula Family Pharmacy to expand programs and services offered, which meant increased revenues and improved patient care.

“We have our technician doing other money-making projects for us.  We’re about to start a Meds-to-Beds program with a local hospital. We do a 340B program. We do a lot of MTM. Our pharmacy is now ranked 99th percentile in the country, and it is because we freed up a technician to make phone calls and follow up with patients.”

  • Inventory Management Automated

Having the powerful and automated inventory tracking, analytics, and reporting information that is standard with the RxSafe 1800 means no overstocking, no waste, and faster turns.  

“The very first time I ran our non-movement report, I sent back $32-33,000 to our wholesaler and we received credit the next day. It has definitely allowed us to be more profitable. We do not have inventory sitting on our shelves for 30 days. We can order seven days prior to the patient needing the medication. The RxSafe has streamlined that.”

  • Security Means Savings

The RxSafe is so secure it has been approved by the U.S. Department of Defense for CII narcotics storage and dispensing.  Narcotics in and out of the safe are tracked and logged. Designated technicians only can be provided access via biometrics. Reports can be generated 24/7. Loss from theft and diversion is greatly reduced and even eliminated in many cases. Mark Mula was quickly delighted to learn that RxSafe’s unsurpassed security savings could be realized in ways he had not thought of initially.

“I met with my insurance agent. He wanted to know about automation in our pharmacy. When I mentioned we had the RxSafe, he realized that would be a reduction in our monthly rate.”

  • Accuracy & Speed

One technician can accurately fill up to 120 scripts per hour with the RxSafe. With that speed and accuracy, technician time is free for other revenue-producing functions.

“RxSafe has helped us be a lot more accurate, a lot faster, with our filling functions. Our RxSafe 1800 has allowed us to free up a technician to focus on medication synchronization and forecasting our medication needs.”

  • Space Saved Expands Profits

A single-tower RxSafe 1800 system holds up to 1,800 bottles in 15 square feet, and a two-tower system holds up to 3,600 bottles in 30 square feet of floor space. Workflow is improved. Additional floor space is available for revenue producing products and services.

“The RxSafe has really tightened up our work area and allowed me to expand into other areas. The RxSafe has really freed up the amount of space that we have. It’s a less cluttered workflow. Everything is centralized to one location. We have a lot of extra shelving that we can put additional products on, medical equipment, nebulizers, whatever we choose to carry.”

  • Quality Patient Care is Fundamental

While profits keep increasing, so does the level of patient care in pharmacies with RxSafe equipment and technology. Providing the highest level of patient care possible is a core value at Mula Family Pharmacy & Gifts.

“The quality of patient care has really improved since we purchased the RxSafe 1800. The time we spend filling a prescription has really gone down.  It has freed up our time to be able to sit down and discuss our patients’ needs.”

  • Business is Up -- Costs are Down

The return on investment with an RxSafe 1800 comes in many ways.  

  • Reduced labor and associated costs for fills
  • Technicians available for other revenue-producing services
  • Space available for revenue-generating products
  • Accuracy in fills, little or no waste
  • Loss and diversion prevention
  • Capital expense tax deduction
  • Inventory managed automatically

But with business increasing, doesn’t that mean costs increase too?  With RxSafe in your pharmacy, costs can go down even while business goes up. Mark Mula’s pharmacy is a case in point.

“We have increased our business over 60% in the past year.  We haven’t had to hire anybody to complete the filling process.”

RxSafe can help your pharmacy prosper and patients thrive too.

We would be happy to provide you with more information about how the RxSafe 1800 and our other pharmacy automation products can help your pharmacy prosper and patients thrive. Please contact us via our web form, email us at, or call 877-797-2332.

“I love the RxSafe. I would recommend it to anyone who asked. It allowed us to be a much more efficient pharmacy. It allowed us to be a much more profitable pharmacy.”  ~Mark Mula, Mula Family Pharmacy & Gifts


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