PakMyMeds: Real Patients, Real Results

It’s no secret that many patients struggle to achieve medication adherence. Pharmacists continuously work to improve patient health outcomes, but traditional methods often do not yield successful results. There is just too much burden on patients to manage their own meds, and the more vials they have, the more difficult the task becomes.  

Strip packaging is transforming the way patients take their medications and improving health outcomes. With the RapidPakRx, independent pharmacies can offer strip packaging solutions to patients who need extra help. 


We’ve talked to real PakMyMeds patients, who share how strip packaging has transformed their lives. Below we’ve highlighted some of the patients we’ve had the opportunity to speak with.  

Total Life Changer

For many patients, strip packaging can be life changing. Traditional solutions, like vials or med boxes, can be time consuming and very confusing for patients who take multiple medications.  

Honey H., a patient at The Pill Box Pharmacy in Alabama, shares how strip packaging has transformed her life.  

“Before using strip 
packaging, I was using regular prescription bottlesand I was taking them out and putting them into a weekly med box,” says Honey. “It was a pain because I was dropping them or sometimes the weekly med box would open on its own, and the pills would drop on the floor and I have pets so that’s a danger.” 

Med boxes can quickly become a headache for patients managing multiple medications. The small plastic organizers can easily pop open, making it difficult to take on-the-go. 

“Since using the strip packaging, I have been taking my medications better and I don’t drop the pills on the floor,” adds Honey. “It has totally changed my life; it has given me so much freedom since I don’t have to worry about taking out all the bottles.” 

A Priceless Service 

For many patients, taking multiple medications can be challenging to incorporate into their daily routine. Some patients must allocate time every week to sort through their medications. Pharmacists can help simplify the process by offering strip packaging to high prescription volume patients.  

“I was not keeping track of my medications very well at all, because like many people my ageI am a very busy person and sometimes I would get so busy I couldn’t remember if I had taken my medications,” says Robyn C., patient at North Century Pharmacy. 

“The strip packaging has impacted my life in a couple of different ways; it gives me peace of mind that I have taken my medication as directed, 
it gives me extra time because I don’t need to organize pills myself, it just makes my life so much easier and that peace of mind is priceless,” adds Robyn.  

Strip packaging allows patients to spend less time organizing their meds, and more time on things that really matter to them.  

Easier to Track 

“It is much easier to take my prescriptions as prescribed now,” says Paula B., patient at Gibson Pharmacy.  

“Before I had PakMyMeds, I had them all in a bottle and would put them in the cupboard and often times forget about it,” says Paula
. With strip packaging, patients can quickly check if they have taken their medications for the day.  

“I really enjoy the strip packaging, I put it on the table and I look at it all the time to make sure I have taken my pill for that day,” adds Paula.  

The RapidPakRx helps pharmacies easily organize patient medications into small pouches. Each pouch is labeled with the time and date, eliminating the worry of forgetting to take medications. The small pouches also make it easy to take on-the-go. 

For many patients with large prescriptions, pharmacies will offer the strip packaging service free of charge. Some pharmacies will charge a small packaging fee for patients with smaller prescriptions or for specialty pouches like immune-boosting packs. Check with your local PakMyMeds provider to learn more about their strip packaging service.  

If you would like more information, please visit our product page or call a strip packaging expert at (877) 797-2332 


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