PDS Super-Conference 2018 Recap

At RxSafe, we are entrepreneurs – just like our independent pharmacy owner customers.  One of the many ways we keep our entrepreneurial edge sharp is by participating in important industry-wide events such as the annual PDS Super-Conference.  

Pharmacy Development Services, the founder and host of the annual PDS Super-Conference, opened its doors in 1999 to help independent pharmacy owners become more profitable while providing the highest level of patient care.  From the PDS 2018 Conference website: “While there are a lot of gimmicks out there, we present tested and data driven solutions that take your business from stagnant to spectacular.” 

PDS 2018 recap

Each year RxSafe gathers and shares vital information at the Super-Conference, and then we pass on that information to our valued customers.  On February 22-24, 2018, innovators and owners in the independent pharmacy industry assembled in Orlando Florida to network, stay in front of trends, learn about the latest technological developments, and share strategies for increasing profitability and quality of patient care. As a Major Sponsor at the 2018 PDS Super-Conference, RxSafe is proud to share with you some of our “take-aways” from the three-day conference.  

“It was a great honor to be a Major Sponsor at PDS this year,” said William Holmes, Founder and CEO of RxSafe. The response to our RapidPakRx™ system launch on Feb. 16 was overwhelmingly positive. In addition, it was my pleasure to bestow RxSafe’s inaugural “Award of Excellence” to two pharmacy professionals at Clinic Pharmacy in Columbus Ohio, who were virtually tied for the best average filling speed in 2017 using RxSafe: more than 120 scripts per hour with unparalleled accuracy.”

“It was particularly heartwarming to issue a challenge to all PDS attendees to raise funds for the Paws 4 Liberty charity, which benefits veterans with disabilities,” Holmes added. “Thanks to everyone’s generosity, Paws 4 Liberty raised more than $113,000 during the conference. The money will go towards helping veterans have a four-legged companion for life.”

This year, the keynote speakers at the conference were New York Times bestselling author and leadership expert John C. Maxwell and NBA legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson.  Mr. Maxwell has trained more than six million leaders from every country in the world. Magic Johnson parlayed his skills and drive on the basketball court into a multimillion dollar business.  Both provided their insights into proactively turning even small businesses into international and multicultural success stories.

The exhibitors at the conference are some of the “best and most impactful pharmacy vendors – all in one place.” Vendors at the PDS Super-Conference are carefully curated to help pharmacy owners and attendees reach their greatest potential in profitability and patient care. PDS Super-Conference exhibitors display extraordinary products, share tips on streamlined processes, and demonstrate the latest in technological advances.  RxSafe was among them.

At PDS 2018, RxSafe unveiled its new RxCloud Analytics™ feature.  Powered by Datarithm’s advanced inventory forecasting software, RxSafe 1800 customers who are using a qualified PMS will have 24/7 cloud-based access to powerful inventory forecasting tools.  It is the only accurate, automatic, perpetual inventory system available. Datarithm’s lowest-error, best-fit algorithms inure to the benefit of RxSafe customers who will realize better inventory balancing, unrivaled waste and theft prevention, item-level cost, and no cycle counting, to name but a few of its many available features.

As always, RxSafe’s pharmacy automation technology, including the new RxCloud Analytics feature, helps independent pharmacy owners take profits and patient care to the next level.  Ask us about how RxSafe can work in your pharmacy in all of the following ways and more:

RxSafe will continue participating in a variety of industry events, such as the annual PDS Super-Conference, to help our customers stay on top of the ever-evolving independent pharmacy business. Stay tuned to our events page to see our upcoming schedule.

RxSafe is there because we care.

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