"Pouch Packaging is the Future" -- Gosney LTC Pharmacy

Gosney Long Term Care (LTC) Pharmacy, located in Hannibal, Missouri, was searching for a solution that would allow for longer day fills. The pharmacy owner, Jordan Gosney, realized that he needed a better packaging solution to improve patient adherence and make it easier for caregivers to distribute medications while minimizing errors. 

“Before we bought the RapidPakRx, we were unable to do long-term fills more than seven days with the previous system,” says Gosney.

“The reason I chose the RapidPakRx is the ability to fill unique NDCs for a long day supply,” says Gosney. With the RapidPakRx, Gosney is now able to fill a 31-day supply for LTC patients.


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Less Labor Costs, More Patients  

“By adding the RapidPakRx I was able to scale my business a lot faster,” says Gosney. The RapidPakRx can complete packaging for up to 50 patients using only one technician in an 8-hour shift. It requires less labor than other automation on the market, which means staff can dedicate more time to patient care or other profitable services. 

“We were filling manual blister cards before, spending one to two hours a day on rework,” says Gosney. “Now we spend zero hours on rework using the RapidPakRx.”

With unmatched speed and accuracy, the RapidPakRx easily integrates into most workflows. There are no more trays or remote filling stations, eliminating the need for technicians to spend hours sorting through the medications. 

“We’ve had 20% year-over-year growth,” says Gosney. “Even with our 20% year-over-year growth in volume, we've still seen a 25% decrease in time processing medications.”

By adding efficiency and saving on labor costs, Gosney was able to see improvement in his pharmacy’s profitability. “After adding the RapidPakRx, we were able to grow revenue by 40% because we were able to add on additional facilities that we service.”

A Better Solution for Long Term Care  

In long term care facilities, caregivers are tasked with the care of multiple patients during one shift. Each patient requires special attention, and often multiple medications. Traditional blister cards are bulky and difficult to inspect, increasing the risk of errors. 

“When I go and speak to directors of nursing in long-term care facilities, they see the strip packaging and they know that they can save time on med passes and reduce med errors,” says Gosney. 

“Multi-dose strip packaging is the best and easiest solution for caregivers because it's very hard to make a mistake,” adds Gosney. “You have a pouch for your morning, your noon and evening doses.”

The RapidPakRx creates small pouches that are labeled with the day, date, and time that each medication needs to be administered. The multi-med pouches make it easier to improve medication adherence, ultimately improving patient health.

Let's Talk NDCs

All other adherence automation systems on the market use NDC-specific canisters. This means that each time a new NDC is introduced, the pharmacy is burdened with the time and expense to acquire a new canister. 

“The reason I chose the RapidPakRx from RxSafe was because of the ability to fill unique NDCs for a long day supply,” says Gosney. 

The RapidPakRx runs 20 bulk-loaded universal cartridges that simultaneously fill pouches. The non-NDC specific cartridges can fill all oral solid medications, regardless of the shape or size. 

“The great thing about the RapidPakRx is that you can add different types of facilities, whether it be geriatric or psych patients because you have unique NDCs for both of those groups and the RapidPakRx can serve both facilities seamlessly,” says Gosney.  

If you would like to learn more about Gosney’s experience, please watch the video above. For more information regarding the RapidPakRx, please visit or product page or call an adherence expert at (877) 797-2332.


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