FAQs: RapidPakRx™

NOTE: On Feb. 16, RxSafe launched RapidPakRx™, our new adherence strip packaging system for retail pharmacies. Since then, there has been tremendous excitement from existing customers and those interested in a retail strip packaging solution. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about RapidPakRx.

What is RapidPakRx? adherence strip packager - RapidPakRx

RapidPakRx is RxSafe’s revolutionary adherence packaging automation system.  Simply put, it organizes, dispenses and inspects prescription drugs quickly and accurately into pouches that make it easy for patients to use as directed. No pill-at-a-time loading, 10 minute “on-demand” fill cycle, and one-pass workflow set the RapidPakRx apart from all others.

What are the benefits?

All pharmacies understand the value of adherence packaging for some chronically ill patients. But until now, it’s been too costly, in terms of both money and time, to do on-demand strip packaging on a large scale. With RapidPakRx, you no longer have to choose between what’s right for the patient and what’s good for the business.

Patient adherence is the biggest benefit.  Medication non-adherence is harmful to patients and sometimes even deadly. Negative health outcomes, loss of productivity, and reduced quality of life can be avoided with proper adherence. Proper prescription medication adherence can save over 100,000 lives and 300 billion dollars in healthcare costs annually. (Source:  Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy).

customer testimonial on RapidPakRx“The packaging itself is basically a tangible, visible product that people can understand.  We saw that the product could be easily marketed to new and existing patients. The patients we have on our adherence packaging are 80-100% compliant. We have noticed a significant increase in prescription volume.  From this time last year, we have had a 24% increase.” ~Benjamin McNabb, Owner of Love Oak Pharmacy in Eastland, Texas.


How does RapidPakRx make patient adherence easier?

Medications are accurately organized into a strip of 30-day multi-med pouches.  Each multi-med pouch is clearly labeled with the medication name, day of the week, date, and time of administration. Multi-med pouches make it easier for patients to remain adherent wherever their busy lives may take them – home, work, or travel. RapidPakRx’s unique, automatic variable pouch sizing means that only one pouch is required per medication administration time.

What are the benefits to pharmacy owners?

Choosing the RapidPakRx adherence system means you can expand your pharmacy’s geographic reach and grow your customer base. One customer was able to grow his annual revenue by 24% by offering his patients the convenience of picking a 30-day supply of multi-med pouches once per month, so they can easily take them as prescribed.

Does RapidPakRx take up a lot of pharmacy space?

No.  It has the smallest footprint of any competing machine and is the easiest to use.  The machine is 33″ W x 18″ L x 68″ H.

How is RapidPakRx different from other automated prescription packaging machines?

The RapidPakRx system’s “secret sauce” is patent-pending smart cartridges with built-in pill verification.  The cartridges verify and dispense -- without calibration -- any size tablet, capsule, or gelcap, including split tabs.  Additionally, its all-in-one design, speed & accuracy, low price point, easiest-to-open packaging materials, and its ability to fit more unique pills per pouch sets it far ahead of the “pack.”

Just how fast can a RapidPakRx pack?

RapidPakRx can accurately fill a 30-day supply of medications into multi-med pouches in under 10 minutes.  It can fill the most patient orders per shift by far with unparalleled accuracy. There is no “pill-at-a-time” loading.  No more trays or remote tray filling stations. No more downtime to load trays, ever.

How does the RapidPakRx reduce labor costs?

For starters, RapidPakRx’s unparalleled accuracy means less re-work. In addition, unlike other strip packagers, with RapidPakRx there is no “pill-at-a-time” loading, no more “exception” trays or remote tray filling stations, and no more errors from hand-filling trays. What’s more, the system uses 20 “smart” bulk-loaded, universal cartridges simultaneously, meaning your team can dispense all oral solid medications, (including gelcaps, half tabs, new generics, etc.). Finally, the unique 3-step integrated machine vision verification helps pharmacists quickly verify that the right medications are in the right pouch, with unsurpassed accuracy. In short, RapidPakRx enables your staff to get more things done in less time, greatly enhancing pharmacy efficiency.

How can RapidPakRx help defray inventory expenses?

There’s less on-hand inventory required and less expiration waste.  There is no inventory stored in the machine, waiting to expire. This means less money is spent on inventory overall.

What about operating costs?

RapidPakRx has the lowest daily operating costs in the industry.  Each pouch is automatically varied in length based on the contents and label, and the consumable pouch material costs are the least expensive on the market.  The vision inspection, including a three-step, integrated verification system, means one-pass workflow, unsurpassed accuracy, and therefore lower operating costs.  Cleaning is easy and quick. More gets done in less time. And hi-fidelity, direct thermal printing means no expensive and waste-producing ink ribbons.

When will RapidPakRx be available?

RxSafe expects to begin shipping and installation by June or July of this year!  You can be the first notified when it’s available by simply clicking here to add your name to the "pre-order" list.

What if I have more questions?

We welcome you to contact us now at 877-797-2332. Our team would be pleased to give you a demonstration of our automation products and show you how they can help your pharmacy increase profits and provide the highest quality of patient care possible.


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