Accurate, perpetual, real-time inventory tracking.

Watch an independent pharmacy owner explain the RxSafe inventory management eco-system.

The RxSafe 1800 requires less on-hand inventory, driving increased inventory turns. RxSafe’s proprietary software interfaces with your PMS.

  • Track your inventory in real time, so you know what and when to reorder.
  • No disappearing inventory.
  • No opening a second bottle.
  • No waste due to expiration.
  • Remote stock management is another standard feature of the RxSafe system.
  • All pharmacy inventory is managed by the system whether it’s inside or outside the RxSafe.
  • No more headaches keeping track of inventory in different locations.

RxSafe’s family of products maximize cost savings related to: theft and diversion, expired products, inventory carrying costs, and narcotics security and management. This results in improved patient safety and more money to your bottom line.

Fully Automated Restocking While Filling Prescriptions

Inventory Management

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Ready to go beyond open shelving and drawer-based systems?

Adding the RxSafe to our pharmacy has allowed us to reduce the number of employees, monitor inventory levels remotely, and have the assurance of knowing that the machine is a deterrent for theft.

Anne Henrikson
Owner - Malley's Compounding Pharmacy

Paw Paw Village introduced the RxSafe 1800 two tower system in one of our 6 stores a year ago. We’ve seen the cost of generics increase the cost of on-hand inventory by an average of $30k in all of our stores except the one with the RxSafe. That store has actually seen a $50k decrease in on-hand inventory costs. This totals $80k in savings attributed to the RxSafe. We’ve also seen our inventory turns increase from 17 turns per year to 23+ turns per year. In addition, we’ve been able to reduce our labor costs by an average of 200 to 250 labor hours per month, which basically covered the payment on the unit. Therefore in four years that labor savings will go directly to cash flow.

James Clark
Owner - Paw Paw Village Pharmacy

We’ve experienced improved efficiency in our pharmacy through pairing RxSafe and ScriptPro automation. Inventory management, accuracy and productivity are at their highest levels and we now have one less full-time technician.

Kelly Selby
Owner - Community Pharmacy