NCPA 2019 Annual Conference Pharmacy Podcast Summary


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July 25, 2021

From the NCPA Innovation Center:

NCPA Annual Convention is the country’s premier event for community pharmacy owners and their teams. It’s where you can learn the best business practices, find the best services and products, keep up with the newest trends and developments, and share ideas with peers from all over the country.

On this summary podcast episode, Todd Eury, Founder & CEO of the Pharmacy Podcast Network interviews several pharmacy industry professionals, including: 

  • Jessica Jones - ServRx 
  • Brian Caswell of Wolkar Drug in Baxter Springs, Kan. was installed as the 2019-2020 president of the National Community Pharmacists Association
  • Rxy the Robot, RxSafe 
  • Nicolle McClure - GRX Marketing
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