The Medication Adherence Packaging Difference - RxSafe RxASP 20 - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 442


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July 31, 2021

The RxSafe RxASP 20 Adherence Packaging system has made a significant impact on the efficiency of a Community Independent Pharmacy, Love Oak Pharmacy.

The RxASP 20

Topic: How RxASP 20 adherence packaging has allowed Ben to introduce a tangible product to his customers and increase revenue and profitability in the process.


  1. Tell me a little about RxSafe and how the RxASP 20 works in independent retail pharmacies.
  2. You also just introduced a new marketing service called PakMyMeds, can you tell me what that is?
  3. Can you give me some background on Love Oak Pharmacy?
  4. Why did you decide to purchase a product like the RxASP?
  5. Tell us what your experience has been with the RxASP 20.
  6. Let’s talk about how adding a new product line instead of simply expanding pharmacy services has impacted your pharmacy (i.e. differentiation, expand geographic reach, scalability).
  7. Has this product affected reimbursements?
  8. Have you been able to take advantage of the section 199 tax deduction?
  9. Has your pharmacy workflow been impacted?
  10. How does this product affect pharmacy operations (i.e. patient adherence, accuracy & speed, growth, profitability, ROI)?
  11. What are you now able to do that you weren’t able to do before adding RxASP?
  12. How successful has this program been for your pharmacy?


“There's tremendous opportunity for independent pharmacy owners to take advantage of the changing healthcare environment, and a big part of that is helping with med synchronization and the ability to adherence package our customers to allow them to have better outcomes. "



About Our Special Guest

Ben McNabb, Owner of Love Oak Pharmacy and RxSafe customer

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