Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drugs


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RxSafe & ApproRx have sponsored a gathering of 200+ pharmacy owners interested in learning more about a drug manufacturer interested in working directly with Pharmacy owners. Thanks to Bruce Kneeland and Todd Eury for hosting this LIVE presentation from March 2nd 2021.

Today was the 12th anniversary of the Pharmacy Podcast Network. The 1st podcast about the profession of pharmacy launched episode 1 on March 2nd 2009. Today the PPN has 30+ hosts & is dedicated to the success of our pharmacists & pharmacy techs.


Alex Oshmyansky, MD, PhD is the CEO & Founder at Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company.

Dr. Alex along with strategic investor & business mogul Mark Cuban has launched Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company, a pharmaceutical company that plans to make less expensive versions of selected generic drugs. The company's first drug is a generic version of albendazole, an antiparasitic drug used to treat hookworm. Treated early, two tablets will treat the infection; left untreated, cognitive defects and neurological problems can result.

Cost Plus Drug Company is dedicated to producing low-cost versions of high-cost generic drugs.

In this interview, Dr. Alex pledges to provide radical transparency in how they price their drugs. Dr. Alex has committed letting everyone know what it costs to manufacture, distribute, and market drugs to pharmacies. They will add a flat 15% margin to get wholesale prices. This will help to ensure they remain viable and profitable. There are no hidden costs, no middlemen, no rebates only available to insurance companies. Everybody gets the same low price for every drug they make.