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Experience the unparalleled, pouch packaging automation of the RapidPakRx™ with built-in vision inspection

  • No more trays, remote tray filling stations or errors from hand filling trays.
  • UNIVERSAL cartridges dispense ALL oral solid medications such as gel caps, half tabs, new generics, etc.—without calibration
  • Run a 30-day med cycle at the lowest possible cost and highest accuracy.
  • Handle over 1000 patients in your adherence program with 1 tech and 1 machine.
  • Get FREE patient leads via our PakMyMeds Network.
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Blister Card Packaging Automation

RapidCardRx™ is game-changing blister card packaging automation technology with:

  • built-in vision inspection.
  • Configurable to fill any single or multi-med card with ALL oral solid medications including gel caps, half tabs, new generics, etc.
  • UNIVERSAL cartridge loading requiring no calibration and no “pill-at-a-time” workflow.
  • Fill up to 5 single med cards per minute with extremely low error rates.
  • Fast and easy—the days of hand filling trays or cards are OVER!

Pill Counting Automation

The VisionRx™ is next generation automation technology that allows you to Verify Every Pill Safely and Securely From Anywhere*

  • Counts & verifies all oral solid medications including clear gel caps.
  • For each vial-filled script or pre-pack, captures clear, accurate images of every pill on the counting tray, label on the vial, and pills in the vial. All with pill verification.
  • Pill properties are combined with patient information, lot number and expiration date and recorded in the database along with date, time and biometric operator identity.
  • Data is transferred over a secure network to other pharmacists, enabling them to perform digitized remote final check functions, in pharmacy or remotely.
  • Upon pharmacist approval, the prescription is released from will-call by the clerk to the patient.
  • Built-in pill verification alerts the fill tech of an error requiring correction before the script can be filled and is presented to the pharmacist for final check function.
  • Added security for tech check tech.

*with a secure network


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