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Adherence Strip Packager for any Retail Pharmacy With Universal Cartridges & Built-in Vision Inspection

Experience the unparalleled, adherence packaging automation technology of the RapidPakRx™. No more trays or remote tray filling stations. No more down time to load trays. Plus, no more errors from hand filling trays—the RapidPakRx runs 20 “smart” bulk-loaded universal cartridges that dispense all oral solid medications such as gel caps, half tabs, new generics, etc.—without calibration. Run a 30-day med cycle in at the lowest possible cost.

PakCheckRx™, our unique, 3-step integrated machine vision verification system means one-pass workflow, unmatched accuracy, and significantly lower operating cost. No need to stock expensive inventory. There’s less inventory cost, less expiration waste, and no refills during a run. Cleaning is far less time consuming. More things get done in less time, greatly enhancing pharmacy efficiency.

RapidPakRx has the lowest daily operating costs in the industry—we use automatic, variable pouch length and our consumable pouch material costs are notably the least expensive. Thermal printing means no ink ribbons.

New! PakMyMeds Network and "Done-for-You" GeoMarketing -- FREE for a Limited Time with RapidPakRx Purchase

For a limited time, customers who purchase a RapidPakRx system will be automatically enrolled in the PakMyMeds Network. PakMyMeds Network is a new, no-hassle solution to connect independent pharmacy owners with local patients who want an easier way to take their medications.

Using sophisticated online and mobile ad networks, social media, geotargeting and geofencing, PakMyMeds Network will advertise -- in up to a 50-mile circle around participating pharmacies -- to patients who could benefit from improved medication adherence and/or are searching for adherence packaging services. Patients who opt-in will then be connected with a partner pharmacy in the PakMyMeds Network.

Every RapidPakRx purchase qualifies for RxSafe’s medication adherence strip packaging marketing services, known as PakMyMeds™. Using a consultative approach, we can assist you in your marketing efforts with packaging and collateral to make adding an adherence program to your pharmacy’s offerings as simple as possible.

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"It has helped our business be more profitable because we are maximizing reimbursements from Medicare plans, maximizing the number of prescriptions filled per patient per month, and capturing many new patients that have complex drug regimens."

Ben McNabb, NCPA Award-Winner
NCPA Outstanding Adherence Practitioner, 2018
Owner - Love Oak Pharmacy

Nilesh Patolia-sm
"The RapidPakRx has definitely increased the profitability of our business because of time savings. With the decreased labor, we're able to assist more patients with packaging, and that brings in more revenue as well."

Nilesh Patolia, PharmD
Owner - AUM Pharmacy