Caring for their Community -- with a Texas Spirit

Hillcrest Pharmacy, an independent pharmacy located in Vernon, Texas, has been proudly serving its community for 41 years. Adam & Traci Bayer, co-owners and pharmacists at Hillcrest Pharmacy, know that they continue to play a vital role in the health of their patients. “Our business philosophy is to provide high quality personal care to the people in our community,” says Adam.  

Personalized care and commitment to patients makes the pharmacy a popular choice in the community. With a continuous increase in patients, Hillcrest Pharmacy staff quickly realized they had met prescription volume capacity.  “Before getting the RapidPakRx, we were using a manual fill card-based system and we were capped out at the number of patients that we could help,” says Traci. 

The RapidPakRx is a strip packaging automation system that allows staff to easily complete packaging for up to 50 patients in one day using a single technician in an 8-hour shift. With the help of the RapidPakRx, Hillcrest Pharmacy is able to reach more patients in their community and help improve patient health.

The Right Drug, at the Right Time... Every Time

“Buying the RapidPakRx was a game changer for us from the manual card system. The visual inspection station made me feel more comfortable that the right patient was getting the right drug, at the right time, every time,” says Adam. The RapidPakRx’s integrated vision verification is designed to prevent errors and help reduce checking time for the pharmacist. 

“We're able to confidently know that the right pills are at the right time for the right patient, and so having that on the screen has cut down tremendously on the amount of time and really increased my confidence in our work,” says Traci. 

The vision verification system is built into the RapidPakRx, so that means there is no additional automation that needs to be purchased. Unlike manual adherence programs, pharmacists can use the images from the verification system to confidently and quickly approve each strip before it reaches the patient. “The visual inspection station is what helps me sleep at night,” says Adam.

Choosing the RapidPakRx

“We chose the RapidPakRx for a couple of different reasons. One, we liked the small footprint. Most pharmacies don't have a lot of extra room for automation,” says Adam. The RapidPakRx is the smallest strip packaging automation system on the market. It can easily fit into tight workspaces, without disrupting pharmacy workflow. With the smallest footprint on the market, it allows independent pharmacies to increase their volume without the need to move to a bigger location. 

“The second reason, big reason, was the non-NDC specific cartridges. That was a big bonus that the RapidPakRx has, where other offerings can't compete,” says Adam. The RapidPakRx can run 20 bulk-loaded universal cartridges simultaneously. There is no need for “exception” trays or manual filling stations, which decreases the time staff need to prepare the machine for each patients prescription.

“When you get into a machine that requires [NDC specific canisters], you're talking about lots of headaches and lots of money and time spent anytime you change a manufacturer that you're getting from your wholesaler,” says Adam. The less time needed to prepare compliance packaging, the more time pharmacists and technicians at Hillcrest Pharmacy have to spend with their patients.

Increasing Profitability and Target Area

“I'd say it's helped us to expand our geographic area that we can service our patients. We're able to go into new areas and get new customers, which increases our revenue,” says Adam. 

Incorporating RapidPakRx into the pharmacy workflow increases prescription volume drastically, compared to the traditional method of manual adherence packaging programs. Hillcrest Pharmacy is able to help more patients, without increasing its labor costs. “We're able to take on more customers confidently, and we know we can manage the workflow better,” says Adam.  

For many independent pharmacy owners, investing in automation often seems financially unimaginable. For Adam and Traci Bayer the solution was clear. “With purchasing the RapidPackRx, from a financial perspective, taking advantage of the Section 179 was a huge decision maker. When we talked to our accountant and looked at where we were at the end of the year, we decided it was a no brainer to move forward with purchasing the machine,” says Adam. 

Good for the Pharmacy, Good for the Patient

“Obviously, we would recommend the purchase of a RapidPakRx to any of our colleagues and friends when you look at all that it has to offer -- the accuracy, the speed, the convenience, as well as the bottom line,” says Adam. 

“At the end of the day you can help more people and help them stay healthy. If they're compliant and their life is simplified and they're doing what they need to do with their medications every day the right way, that's a win-win. That's good for us. It's good for the patient,” adds Adam. 

To watch the Bayer’s full testimonial, please click on the video above. If you would like to learn more information about the RapidPakRx, please visit our product page. To speak directly with an adherence expert call (877) 797-2332.


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