Gibson Pharmacy: Cutting Edge Automation & Quality Patient Care

Independent pharmacy owners know that keeping their doors open is more difficult than ever, due to increasing PBM fees and e-commerce giants stirring up the pharmaceutical industry. 

Gibson Pharmacy, an independent pharmacy based in Athens, Texas, incorporates automation to improve customer experience and to lower pharmacy costs. “We are known for being cutting edge, implementing the newest programs, having the newest technology and taking the best care of our patients,” says Bruce Kocian, co-owner and pharmacist of Gibson Pharmacy. Gibson pharmacy owns both the RxSafe 1800 and the RapidPakRx.

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Minimizing Mistakes With the Help of Automation

“The [RxSafe 1800] will almost not allow for a mistake to be made with the way that it runs, it has the next prescription bottle staged for the tech before they are even ready to fill that prescription,” says Bruce. The RxSafe 1800 uses a system that weighs each bottle after it is returned to the tower, giving pharmacy owners comfort in knowing that there are no missing pills. Additionally, the RxSafe tracks each user’s actions, which helps keep track of medications and flags any potential errors. 

“Our workflow has been improved by the RxSafe, we now have a single [technician] that runs the RxSafe and they have a supportive tech that pulls bottles,” says Bruce. “We used to have four techs in the input and fill process, and we now have three technicians running the input and fill process,” adds Bruce. “With the help of the RxSafe, it is easier and quicker to pull the required medications. Technicians no longer need to waste time trying to find a medication on a shelf full of hundreds of medications. Now the technicians can input the information into the computer system, which then dispenses the correct bottle.” 

RxSafe = Added Space 

Traditionally, a pharmacy holds all of its medications on shelves, which can become full quickly and restrict the floor space. Limited floor space can decrease efficiency and cap the number of prescriptions a pharmacy can fill. “When we got the RxSafe we were able to increase our floor space, we got rid of two full bays of prescription drugs that are now all contained inside the RxSafe,” explains Bruce. The RxSafe can hold up to 1800 stock bottles per tower. With the addition of the RxSafe, Gibson Pharmacy is now able to dedicate more floor space to other products or programs.

Better Reporting, Better Tracking 

“I’m big on trackability. Knowing who has done what in the filling process and the RxSafe has really good reporting and tracking,” says Bruce. RxSafe’s software allows pharmacy owners to access inventory in real time. Additionally, accessing this information can be done from a remote location. Making managing inventory easy and convenient. “Overstock or not having shortages, owing people medications is another pain-point and having the RxSafe has really helped with that as well,” explains Bruce. 

“I love the inventory control, I love being able to look and see exactly what my inventory is. Our inventory has been impacted so greatly, I love the [RxSafe] because I have reduced our inventory by over $100,000,” explains Lisa, co-owner and pharmacist of Gibson Pharmacy. With state-of-the-art tracking software, the RxSafe helps pharmacy owners like Bruce and Lisa manage their inventory more effectively, helping put money back inside their register in a few ways. For example, the RxSafe can help reduce waste due to expired inventory, which is a big cost for many independent pharmacists. Also, Gibson Pharmacy technicians can avoid opening a second bottle and know where all their inventory is at all times, which prevents wastefully opening unnecessary bottles. The system also alerts them to low inventory levels so they can reorder stock to avoid shortages.. 

Inventory = Time = Money 

“The RxSafe definitely saves us time and money, it is much more efficient in the filling process. Our turns in inventory has gone up substantially,” says Bruce, “inventory is time, and time is money.” The RxSafe helps reduce a pharmacy’s on-hand inventory by up to 30%, saving pharmacies tens of thousands of dollars in many cases. With PBMs constantly imposing new fees, saving money is critical to the survival of independent pharmacies. “The RxSafe has increased our profitability, we are allowed to work more efficiently so we have a reduction in overtime. It also allows us more time to analyze our prescription fills, and our reimbursements from third parties,” explains Bruce. 

To learn more about how the RxSafe has helped Gibson Pharmacy manage inventory and minimize costs, please visit our webpage or give us a call at (877) 978- 2364.


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