Millington Pharmacy: a Hunger for Innovation

With the future of pharmacy ever changing and shifting towards innovative technology, Millington Pharmacy was looking for something that would help keep staff efficient, improve accuracy, and help maintain the personal experience that customers receive when they walk through their doors. 

Tom Duesbout, owner of Millington Pharmacy, prides himself on the friendly nature of his pharmacy, where everyone knows each other on a first name basis. Duesbout was concerned about keeping his pharmacy up to date with technology, and found just the right thing to add to his pharmacy when he discovered RxSafe. “The top impacts we’ve had with the safe is the accuracy, it helps establish a nice workflow in your pharmacy, and is a moneysaver,” Duesbout explains. 

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Unbelievable accuracy...before the pharmacist check

“The accuracy is just unbelievable, I mean you have so many check stations of a medication before it even gets to the pharmacist to check,” Duesbout says. The RxSafe’s automated robotic storage and retrieval is able to stock 1800 bottles per tower, a feature that Millington Pharmacy has taken full advantage of to improve their efficiency. 

“The time it takes to put the drugs away is a lot quicker,” says Duesbout, “and the nice thing is that we never have to worry about trying to find a drug that may have been put on the wrong spot on the shelf.” 

Money back in the register, instead of collecting dust on the shelf 

“I would recommend RxSafe also for helping you control your inventory, [and] cut down on your outdates,” adds Duesbout. Outdates, as Duesbot mentions, are the drugs that are going to reach their expiration date soon. Pharmacies have an opportunity to send it back to the warehouse, but only have a limited window to do so before the warehouse refuses to provide a partial refund. 

“Profit is a tough thing these days in pharmacy,” says Duesbout.  “We do a lot of Medicare, lot of huge DIR fees. They are getting worse and worse cutting into our profit, so the RxSafe has been able to help us control inventory dollars.” 

“If you can take advantage of sending stuff back before it outdates with that extra dating that the warehouse will still accept, take advantage of that and those dollars you can get back,” explains Duesbot, “ Put [it] back in your bank account instead of sitting on your shelf.”

To hear more about how the RxSafe 1800 improved Millington Pharmacy’s accuracy and speed, narcotics security, inventory management, and more, watch the full video above.




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