RxSafe: a Powerful Theft Prevention Solution

Theft is a serious concern for any pharmacy owner. Robberies and burglaries can cause huge monetary losses and put potentially  narcotics theft deterrencedangerous narcotics into the wrong hands. Experienced thieves and burglars will look at your staffing levels, pharmacy layouts and where narcotics are stored. They also ascertain whether or not a given pharmacy uses a secured safe to store medications.

Why? Would-be thieves know that trying to access drugs that are stored in a safe is not worth the effort. According to recent DEA statistics, pharmacies that use secured narcotics storage systems are less likely to be robbed or burglarized than pharmacies that store narcotics in regular shelving units or drawers. That alone is a
compelling reason to use a secured dispensing solution such as the RxSafe 1800 in your pharmacy.

Using the RxSafe for Enhanced Security

No matter the business volume or size of your pharmacy, RxSafe provides a secure means of storing all medications. All narcotics, including CII drugs, can be stored in the highly secure safe. The RxSafe 1800 requires users to login with a fingerprint (biometric ID), and drugs are only dispensed when a patient prescription is filled. The machine counts out all medications, and weighs each drug transaction by the pill — accurate to within 1/100 gram — to ensure that there are neither human errors nor risks of internal theft during the filling process. Making an investment in the RxSafe 1800 is a great way to discourage thieves, while ensuring that the medications your patients need won’t be pilfered in the event of a robbery or burglary.

The RxSafe can also help you prevent and monitor internal theft. According to a study by FMI, 62% of all retail drug theft is internal theft. Taking a regular inventory of all medications in stock, especially narcotics, is a key means of identifying internal theft. With the RxSafe, you don’t have to spend hours on end counting and recounting inventory. The RxSafe 1800 provides the industry’s only “true” perpetual inventory, so that you always know the count and expiration date of every drug you carry.

What Else Can You Do to Keep Your Pharmacy Safe?

RxSafe provides a powerful way to keep your pharmacy’s on-hand stock safe from both internal and external thieves. Of course, it’s also important that you take further steps to protect your pharmacy employees and assets. To enhance the overall security of your pharmacy, you should

  • personally greet all visitors who enter your pharmacy; 
  • ensure all keys to your pharmacy and storage areas are stamped with “do not duplicate”;
  • limit access to dispensing privileges only to trusted and trained employees;
  • be on the lookout for new clients or visitors who act suspiciously;
  • install a security system that includes cameras inside and outside of the licensed premises;
  • immediately alert police to any theft concerns;
  • make sure that your pharmacy has adequate nighttime lighting; and
  • install a duress button, also known as a silent alarm.

Being proactive is key to protecting your pharmacy employees and preventing the theft of narcotics and other sought-after medications. It’s never too early to install an RxSafe and other security features in your pharmacy. These are smart investments that help protect your assets while ensuring that you can provide a safe, secure environment for patients and employees.

Your most important asset is your employees. But your most valuable asset is your inventory. Interested in learning how to prevent theft and drug diversion in your pharmacy? Call us today at 877-797-2332.



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