PDS Conference 2018 - Preview

RxSafe is thrilled to be a featured event sponsor at the annual PDS Super-Conference on Feb. 22-24, 2018, in Orlando, Florida. One of the many ways we keep our innovative edge is staying abreast of trends and developments in the independent pharmacy business by participating in industry-wide events such as the annual PDS Super-Conference.

What is PDS?

Pharmacy Development Services was founded nearly two decades ago by Dan Benamoz, RPh, to improve the independent pharmacy industry through innovation and technology, and to help pharmacy owners achieve greater profitability. 


Why attend the PDS Conference?

The following are some reasons why you should consider attending the conference, from the PDS website:

“At PDS 2018 you’ll be surrounded by the leading innovators and most successful owners in independent pharmacy. Our beloved industry is extremely tough already. Don’t make it harder by trying to navigate the treacherous terrain by yourself. Just because you’re in independent pharmacy doesn’t mean you are alone. When you attend PDS 2018, you’ll be joining a ‘movement’ where others like yourself, join together to help each other succeed while moving our industry forward. Besides building lifelong connections, you will be joining a network of owners who no longer accept the status quo. They have decided to not be a victim of industry circumstances and instead to band together and share the secrets to winning.

PDS has dedicated 19 years to researching, developing, eliminating, debunking, and producing the best pharmacy strategies that will take your pharmacy from surviving to thriving. Between DIR fees, audits, and clawbacks, it’s no surprise that independent pharmacy owners everywhere are under pressure to find proactive pharmacy business solutions. While there are a lot of gimmicks out there, we present tested and data driven solutions that take your business from stagnant to spectacular. You will leave PDS 2018 with clarity on which strategies and innovations to implement in your business along with the best tips from other owners on how they prospered. Success is not reserved for a select few, you too can experience more success than you ever thought possible.”

In order for independent pharmacies to stay competitive by providing the personalized, professional patient care for which they are known, owners must approach their operations with an entrepreneurial spirit.  With RxSafe’s innovative pharmacy automation, pharmacies can increase profits and provide the best possible patient care, which is why we continue to support the annual PDS Super-Conference – an event that brings innovators and independent pharmacy owners together to take pharmacies from “surviving to thriving.”

And Introducing... RxCloud Analytics

If you need another reason to attend PDS, we will be unveiling RxSafe’s new RxCloud Analytics™ feature. Through RxSafe’s new integration with Datarithm’s advanced inventory forecasting software, RxSafe’s customers that use qualified pharmacy management systems will have 24/7 cloud-based access to inventory forecasts powered by Datarithm. That means no cycle counting, automatic perpetual accuracy, item-level cost, and real-time Datarithm-powered inventory forecasting on demand. The Datarithm partnership also enables better inventory balancing, lowest error, best-fit algorithms and world-class waste and theft avoidance. We’d love to say more, but you’ll have to come to the show for an amazing demonstration!

RxSafe’s state-of-the-art pharmacy automation technology is backed by a remarkable customer support system that helps independent pharmacies take their businesses to the next level, increasing profits and improving operations by:

We hope you can join RxSafe at the PDS Super-Conference this year to take a look at how our technology is so much more than vial-filling robots. Together we will succeed not just at staying relevant in the ever-evolving pharmacy marketplace, but to grow dynamically in it.  

If you are unable to attend PDS in 2018, stay tuned right here on our website for an upcoming recap on RxSafe’s takeaways from the event.  You can read about RxSafe’s takeaways from last year’s conference here.

RxSafe participates in many other industry-wide events. Here’s a sampling of some we discussed in the blog last year:

RxSafe is participates in a broad spectrum of events because we care and want stay connected to pharmacy owners.  If you have any questions, please connect online or call us at 877-797-2332.


RxSafe improves patient health by partnering with the nation’s 21,000 independent retail pharmacies, using our technology solutions to transform the way you do business. We collaborate with pharmacies and other industry innovators to enable patient adherence, attract new customers, create additional revenue streams, and boost profitability. Learn more: www.rxsafe.com.