PDS Super-Conference 2020 Recap

Every year, RxSafe has the opportunity to participate and engage with innovative pharmacy leaders at the PDS Super-Conference.

Pharmacy Development Services, the founder and host of the annual PDS Super-Conference, opened its doors in 1999 to help independent pharmacy owners become more profitable, while providing the highest level of patient care. “Game On! Solutions to keep your pharmacy winning” was this year's PDS Super-Conference slogan. 

Each year RxSafe gathers and shares vital information at the Super-Conference, and then we pass on that information to our valued customers. On Feb. 27-29, 2020 innovators and owners in the independent pharmacy industry assembled in Orlando, Florida to network, stay in front of trends, learn about the latest technological developments, and share strategies for increasing profitability and quality of patient care. As a Major Sponsor at the 2020 PDS Super-Conference, RxSafe is proud to share with you some of our “take-aways” from the three-day event.

This year, the conference was all about the service-based pharmacy model. By moving your focus from filling scripts to providing clinical services, pharmacy owners can improve their cash flow and reduce the control pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) have on your business.

According to PDS, moving to a service-based pharmacy model enables pharmacists to continue to provide excellent service and consulting to patients -- and get paid for it -- outside of the PBMs' influence. In this way, pharmacies can bill for the services they already provide directly to the insurance plans as a credentialed provider. Three foundational ideas will help pharmacists lay the groundwork for service-based pharmacy:

  1. Improve patient care
  2. Think like a provider
  3. Monetize services you are already providing

To learn more about service-based pharmacy, watch this PDS webinar.

As usual, PDS also had top-notch speakers and guest experts to learn from. This year's Super-Conference keynote speakers were Mike Rayburn, Krish Dhanam, and Jason Dorsey. Rayburn, nationally recognized entrepreneur and Hall of Fame speaker, has done over 5,000 presentations and has also graced many “TED Talk” stages. Rayburn shared his insight on how independent pharmacy owners can lead change and tap into unrealized potential. Dhanam, CEO of Skylife Success, has worked with organizations such as Christian Dior, the US Army, and Toshiba sharing his knowledge and experience. Currently the #1 Generational keynote speaker in the world, Jason Dorsey has appeared in over 200 TV shows and is the president of The Center for Generational Kinetics. All three keynote speakers shared valuable insight to help fuel innovative hunger and small business success.  

The three-day event held a variety of informational sessions, to help pharmacy owners find new services to increase the value of their pharmacy. RxSafe was able to host a discussion with the help of an interactive panel, covering ways that pharmacy owners could cut DIR fees and grow pharmacy profitability with adherence strip packaging. With multiple sessions held throughout the day, PDS attendees were able to choose the discussions that were most valuable to them and their business. 

If you’re thinking about adherence packaging, RxSafe has you covered. Below are several “shortcut links” to get you exactly what you need. 

Want to...

RxSafe team members always enjoy interacting with PDS Super-Conference attendees we're already looking forward to next year's Super-Conference!

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