Automation Pays Off for Family-Owned Pharmacy

If you think a family-owned pharmacy that’s been in business since the 1930s would not pride itself on innovative technology, you might be surprised.

Schultz & Wroten Pharmacy, which serves the community of Beeville, Texas, has used a Parata robot for many years, and recently added the RxSafe 1800.

“We’re kind of unusual in that we only have two pharmacy technicians,” says Sheila Webb, Pharmacy Manager at Schultz & Wroten,” but it’s because of the technology we have.”

She explains that the two pharmacists at Schultz & Wroten each have one pharmacy technician assigned to them.

“We had the Parata machine first, and have had it for many years, but were looking for something different and something a little more modern that could offer other benefits, which the RxSafe does. The two work well together,” Webb says.

Paid for itself in the first year

The RxSafe “definitely paid for itself within the first year,” Webb says, adding that “after speaking to our accountant, he was very pleased and wanted us to take advantage of the Section 179 tax savings.”

For businesses and individuals acquiring capital equipment, IRS Section 179 provides up to $1,000,000/year of accelerated depreciation as of January 2, 2018. Learn more about the Section 179 tax deduction.

Saving on labor and inventory

“From the very beginning, since we purchased the RxSafe 1800 the workflow has become much smoother in our daily operation,” Webb explains. “It has also allowed us to spend time on other things, most especially more time with patients, and knowing that their medications are correct and the prescriptions are accurate.”

Even though the pharmacy fills 500 to 600 prescriptions a day, they have not added more technicians, according to Webb. But she said the RxSafe’s inventory management feature has helped the pharmacy save even more money.

“To me, the biggest advantage of using the RxSafe is the inventory control,” she says. “It has been a tremendous help in lowering our cost of goods that we have in stock. We’re able to return merchandise including full bottles … that have not been touched and are not moving. The RxSafe report, which takes two seconds to print out, allows to us to send medications back and get credit in a timely manner, without having to walk the shelves, looking at each bottle.”

To hear more about how the RxSafe 1800 improved Schultz & Wroten Pharmacy’s accuracy and speed, narcotics security, inventory management, and more, watch the full video above.


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