Automation Pays Off for Family-Owned Pharmacy

If you think a family-owned pharmacy that’s been in business since the 1930s would not pride itself on innovative technology, you might be surprised.

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Pharmacists Share Profit Secrets

As an independent retail pharmacy owner, you’re probably familiar with many of these aphorisms:

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Come see us at Cardinal RBC – 2018

RxSafe will be a participant at Cardinal RBC 2018 from June 28-30 at the San Diego Convention Center – right in the “backyard” of our corporate HQ! If…

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The Secrets of Their Success: RxSafe 1800 Customers Share Tips and Truths

The RxSafe 1800 is currently improving the level of patient care and increasing profits in pharmacies across the country. Independent pharmacy owners…

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ROI: Increased Profits, Improved Patient Care with RxSafe

The RxSafe 1800’s complete pharmacy automation solution offers a return on investment that is almost immediate, as well as long-lasting – and it is…

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RxSafe Customer Shares His Experience with RxSafe’s Built-In Vision Inspection System

PakCheckRx is RxSafe’s integrated, real-time vision inspection system that is built into the RapidPakRx adherence strip packager. PakCheckRx

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Introducing the New RxCloud Analytics™

RxCloud Analytics™ is the latest innovation for our line of pharmacy automation technology.  Powered by Datarithm, it will provide independent pharmacy…

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J&M Pharmacy’s Kevin Faust: Why I Recommend RxSafe to Other Owners

Kevin Faust is one of hundreds of satisfied customers in the RxSafe family.  He has owned and operated J&M Pharmacy in Oneonta, Alabama for eight…

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RxSafe System Can Handle 100% of Your Pharmacy’s Inventory

When The Medicine Shoppe in Sherman, Texas began experiencing the growth that most pharmacies want, owner Jana Bennett began looking into pharmacy…

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Will Amazon Enter – and Dominate – the Pharmacy Industry?

No, Amazon has not made an “official” announcement that they are entering the mail-order-drug or PBM market. However, it has been widely reported that…

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