Good News For and About RxSafe Customers: From the NCPA Conference

RxSafe offers our customers a holistic approach to comprehensive pharmacy automation.

What do we mean by that?  In addition to providing state-of-the-art technology and exemplary customer service support, we keep our finger on the pulse of independent pharmacy operations from financial/tax planning to market trends to workflow and pharmacy design.  

How do we do it?  We stay informed about every aspect of our customers’ independent pharmacy operations and needs by participating in industry-wide events, such as the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) Annual Convention in Orlando, Florida on October 14-18, 2017. 

RxSfe at NCPA 2017

RxSfe at NCPA 2017

Why the NCPA convention? At the NCPA 2017 Annual Convention, over 3,000 pharmacists, students, and exhibitors were there “to explore opportunities, solutions, and profits ahead for the $80 billion business of independent community pharmacy.” RxSafe was there to participate in educational sessions and networking opportunities, share innovative ideas, and attend the NCPA Trade Show. Sessions at the convention covered topics such as: 

  • From Dreaming to Succeeding—How to Get Things Done (Back Office)
  • Simple, Effective and Affordable Marketing for the Community Pharmacy (Front End)
  • You Invested in Technology—Now What?
  • Taxes and the Pharmacy Owner: Are You Paying Too Much? (Back Office)
  • Show Me the ROI or Show Me the Door (Back Office)
  • See a Need, Fill a Need—Finding Your Pharmacy Niche (Expanding Opportunities)

All of these are topics that we at RxSafe make it our business to know about and we are pleased to share this information with our customers. You can find lots of helpful information about tax planning/savings opportunities, maximizing ROI, improving workflow, and expanding pharmacy services and products right here on RxSafe’s website.  Don’t miss out on the information flow.  Check out our blogs, videos, podcasts, and webinars today.  

For more about why RxSafe attended the NCPA Annual Convention and how we use opportunities such as this to provide the best in technology, information, and services to our customers, here are a few words from RxSafe’s Founder and CEO, William Holmes:

“We’re pleased to endorse the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA). Their annual conference is a great opportunity for RxSafe and our customers to connect and learn more about how we can support patients and their health care needs.”    

RxSafe partners with independent pharmacies  and the patients they serve, which is why RxSafe and our customers belong to organizations like NCPA.

According to NCPA’s website,  

[There are] more than 22,000 independent community pharmacies across the United States. The nation's independent pharmacies, independent pharmacy franchises, and independent chains dispense nearly half of the nation's retail prescription medicines.

The nation's independent pharmacists are small business entrepreneurs and multifaceted health care providers who represent a vital part of the United States' health care delivery system. They have roots in America's communities. They are leaders, actively involved in community-oriented public health, civic, and volunteer projects.

These are RxSafe’s customers!

One of RxSafe's customers, Andrew Finney, PharmD, owner of Perkins Drugs in Gallatin, Tennessee was honored with the "2017 NCPA Innovation Center Outstanding Adherence Practitioner Award" in recognition of his commitment to improving medication adherence among patients.  Read more here.

It is well-established in the industry that RxSafe’s innovative and cutting-edge pharmacy automation technology frees up the time, space, and resources of independent pharmacy owners, managers, and employees so that they can focus on providing  other products and services for their patients, just like award-winner Andrew Finney. Congratulations to Andrew Finney and Perkins Drugs!

At RxSafe, we will continue to participate in events such as the NCPA Annual Convention in order to garner and share vital information with our customers, as we have done in the past. Read about other conferences and conventions that RxSafe recently attended:  

RxSafe is there because we care. If you have any questions, please connect online or call us at 877-797-2332.


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