Introducing the New RxCloud Analytics™

RxCloud Analytics™ is the latest innovation for our line of pharmacy automation technology.  Powered by Datarithm, it will provide independent pharmacy owners using the RxSafe 1800 system with 24/7 cloud-based analytics.  With RxCloud Analytics, your pharmacy can spend time and money on something other than inventory management.

In addition, the reporting features enabled by RxCloud Analytics will create tremendous value for RxSafe customers. For example, imagine a future where, on a daily basis, you could capture cost information for every NDC in your pharmacy, and attach that to individual bottles. This type of item-level cost tracking would help RxSafe customers obtain extremely accurate cost of inventory, as well as granularity with regard to inventory valuation, which has never been possible before.

While the above scenario is future-tense, some RxSafe customers are already taking advantage of the data made available by the RxSafe/Datarithm partnership.

At Chris’ Pharmacy and Gifts, an independent pharmacy in Maruepas, La., owner Chris Williams, RPh, says, “RxSafe’s solution has been very valuable, especially with multiple stores. The program’s non-usage report will effectively indicate what medications we should send to our other locations or what medications to return back to the wholesaler — as opposed to letting the medications sit on the shelf just waiting to expire.”

Another RxSafe customer, Evelyn Oggunubi, a Pharmacy Technician at PRMC Home Scripts, says, “Datarithm’s reporting (Inventory List) ensures our order points are on the cheapest drug in a generic group.”

We could write a book on all the benefits of RxCloud Analytics, but here’s a bullet-point summary.

RxCloud Analytics

  1. Forecast Dashboard – daily current and forecasted inventory amounts, dispensing pattern breakdowns, current/forecasted customer service levels, deep discount short-date buying opportunities, order alert/cycle fill reminder functionality.
  2. Transfer Dashboard – surplus inventory reduction opportunity breakdown.
  3. Cycle Countingdone automatically and accurately by the RxSafe.
  4. Reports Dashboard – comprehensive/sortable inventory list, negative on-hand inventory report, top downward replenishment point suggestions, top wholesaler return recommendations, unusually “high” and “low” usage reports.
  5. Advanced Analytics – 24/7 cloud-based access to Inventory Review Wizard (IRW) via reports for every NDC and optional access to cycle counting functionality.

With RxCloud Analytics, RxSafe now has the industry’s only item-level forecasting and item-level tracking, including historical cost data.

“When we began this partnership, our goal was to combine Datarithm’s sophisticated inventory modeling with RxSafe’s proven automated perpetual inventory accuracy, in order to eliminate cycle-counting, free up cash, and allow pharmacies to focus on their core business,” said William Holmes, President & CEO at RxSafe. “With RxCloud Analytics, we’ve done just that. What’s more, the combination of these two technologies has created a game-changing model that improves service delivery and profitability in pharmacy.”

RxCloud Analytics is available exclusively to customers that have qualifying pharmacy management systems.  Currently, that includes ComputerRx, PioneerRx and Rx30, and will soon include Liberty.

RxSafe 1800 state-of-the-art features that immediately benefit your pharmacy in terms of personalized patient care and proven profitability include:

  • Accuracy & Speed
  • Space Savings
  • Narcotics Security
  • Inventory Management
  • ROI

And now, RxCloud Analytics will be included in the price of the RxSafe 1800, to be announced at PDS 2018 in Orlando, Florida.

For more information about how to unlock the power of an RxSafe 1800 system in your pharmacy, call 877-797-2332.  We will be happy to set up an in-person or online demonstration of the RxSafe 1800.  You can also check out the details here for more information and to view video testimonials from independent pharmacy owners currently using the RxSafe 1800 in their retail stores.

“We introduced the RxSafe 1800 into one of our pharmacies two years ago.  That store had a $50,000 decrease, which totals $80,000 in savings and our inventory turns have increased by 6+ turns per year.”
~Jim Clark, Owner of Paw Paw Pharmacy



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