Three Ways Your Pharmacy Could Benefit from the New ASP Multi-Dose Packaging System

Efficiency, accuracy and patient safety consistently rank as the top concerns for pharmacy owners. Meeting these key goals means adopting processes and equipment that improve workflow, while preventing errors. For pharmacies seeking an innovative way to address these concerns, the RxASP 20 multi-dose strip packaging system may be the answer. Consider ways that this powerful robotic strip packaging machine could benefit your pharmacy.

1. Enhance Patient Safety multi-dose packaging system

Ensuring patient safety is essential. With a multi-dose pouch packaging system, pharmacies can ensure a high level of safety and adherence for their patients. Each
dose is conveniently packaged in a pouch and labeled with the NDC, drug name, strength, dosage, and date and time of administration so that patients can easily see when they should take the contents of each pouch.

Each personalized pouch is labeled and stored as a strip in a re-usable dispenser box. Of course, this unique packaging approach pleases customers because it increases convenience, while eliminating worries that they might be taking the wrong medications at the wrong times. 

2.Boost Operational Efficiency

Ensuring a smooth workflow helps increase a pharmacy's overall output and profit. With a pharmacy strip packaging machine, you can cut down on labor hours while increasing overall script output. The ASP multi-dose system doesn't rely on trays or remote filling stations, and it can be restocked while it's working. That means less time doing manual tasks and more time to dedicate to serving customers. The RxASP 20 is the only system that offers built-in vision inspection. Filled pouches pass through an intelligent vision system that helps determine if a pouch has been filled correctly, helping avoid the human errors that can lead to fill errors.

3.Eliminate Consumable & Waste Concerns

Too much waste can put a serious drag on pharmacy profitability and efficiency. The ASP 20 multi-dose strip packaging machine helps eliminate waste with its patented positive displacement pushrod technology and variable pouch length (one pouch per medication administration time). These features give the RxASP 20 the lowest daily operating cost in the industry and the least expensive materials cost. It's a great solution if you're looking for a way to cut both operational and consumable costs. 

The right pharmacy strip packaging system can boost efficiency, accuracy and client satisfaction. The ASP multi-dose system provides an advanced solution to your operational needs that can be configured to fit the current layout of your pharmacy. Choosing this machine is a great way to meet your profitability goals without breaking the bank. Please give us a call at 877-797-2332 to set up a demonstration at a pharmacy near you.


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