Newsletter Issue 3: Pharmacy Safety and Security in the Spotlight

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Pharmacy Safety and Security in the Spotlight

Reducing the Risk of Prescription Fill ErrorsCOFL-00003523-001

The aging population and ever-increasing effectiveness of pharmaceuticals means that more and more doctors and patients are turning to drug therapy than ever before.* For retail pharmacies, one consequence of this ongoing trend has been a steady increase in same-store prescription volumes.

At the same time, retail pharmacies still put high priority on safety and thorough patient consults, so the obvious question is this:

How can retail pharmacy chains maintain high safety standards and customer service while absorbing increasing Rx volumes?

Finding a way to free up pharmacists to spend more time focusing on patients and quality control is essential. In addition, the entire pharmacy staff must be given the tools to efficiently handle the daily demand cycle.

The RxSafe Solution

RxSafe was founded in large part to help minimize errors and maximize pharmacy efficiency and accuracy through simple, comprehensive workflow automation technology.

Even the most advanced automation technology available today does not do enough to provide smart, secure storage, or to relieve pharmacist workloads.

Finally, however, there is a practical solution available. The RxSafe system increases safety, security, and accuracy by:

  1. Delivering the correct bottles to operators using NDC data and label barcode imaging technology.
  2. Recording the operator accessing each container.
  3. Verifying container barcodes and pill counts.
  4. Checking bottles in and out of the system.
  5. Freeing up time for pharmacy staff to focus on other workflow processes that are subject to human error.


How? By securely containing and continually tracking up to 5,400 stock bottles in a single three-tower RxSafe system. The system has enough capacity to store the entire on-hand inventory of a typical retail pharmacy, and uses less than 40 square feet of space, potentially returning hundreds of square feet for other retail use.

In addition, the RxSafe system is designed to work within existing pharmacy workflow using existing pharmacy management systems. No extensive remodeling or custom software is needed.

"From the beginning, we wanted to create a truly comprehensive automation solution for retail pharmacies," says RxSafe CEO William Holmes, "we are proud to have designed a system that finally achieves security, high density storage, and workflow automation in one complete package."


*See this article in Health Affairs for more information.

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