Pharmacy Transformation - Central Fill Model

Dear readers: today we continue our blog series on business transformation in a community pharmacy setting. Our first article answered the question: “What is pharmacy transformation?” Since then, we’ve given you several snapshots of how different pharmacies are transforming their businesses, as well as the health of the communities they serve. Now, here’s another story of how Mitchell’s Drug Stores and its owner, Tim Mitchell, transformed his pharmacy through improved adherence, streamlined workflow, and reduced inventory via a ‘central fill’ model. 

Mitchell’s Drug Stores, with three locations in southwest Missouri, was founded in 2004 by pharmacist and owner, Tim Mitchell. The family-owned pharmacy’s mission is to mission is to be a community pharmacy group that provides its customers with the best customer experience possible.  

“To me, pharmacy transformation means changing our pharmacy for the better. Our stores have been looking at lots of different options of things to add, other than just dispensing only,” explains Mitchell. “We do feel like dispensing is an important part of what we do, but also other services that we can add to that gives us a leg up on our competition, as well as gives our patients the ability to benefit from those services. We've been part of CPESN over the last few years and the Flip the Pharmacy. And honestly, the RapidPakRx has been part of our CPESN project. And one of our pharmacists actually went through the NCPA fellowship program. And she was using community health workers and pharmacy technicians to increase med sync. And with that, we added the RapidPakRx System.” 

Watch the video below to learn more about Mitchell’s experience with adherence packaging.  


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