A Pharmacy Owner’s Perspective on RxSafe’s Robotic Inventory Automation

Kevin Reddish has been the owner of Reddish Pharmacy in Nampa, Idaho for over 30 years.  In the video clip below, Kevin talks about the numerous ways that the RxSafe has improved operations, personnel satisfaction and skills, patient care and profitability in his business. He touches on topics such as accuracy, efficiency, workflow, space saving design, security, inventory management, quality of care, return on investment (ROI), and tax savings through Internal Revenue Code Section 179.

A Great Impact in a Compact Design

Reddish Pharmacy operates in a 900-square-foot space.  In the video, Kevin shares how the RxSafe’s compact design is packed with features that have significantly impacted not only the profitability of the business itself, but also the lives of Reddish Pharmacy’s customers and employees.  

Workflow Improved

Reddish says that workflow may be the most impactful, positive change after installing the RxSafe 1800 at Reddish Pharmacy. Today, one or two technicians can handle the same workload that previously required three technicians. Not only has filling prescriptions become more efficient, but achieving accuracy is highly valued. All of this equates to additional time available for other patient services.

Patient Lives Improved

When prescriptions are filled faster and with more accuracy using RxSafe’s leading edge technology, direct benefits are realized for every patient. They get the right drugs and the right quantity with less waiting. But there’s more: pharmacy technicians spend less time filling prescriptions  and have more time to spend with patients, something that Reddish encourages in his business.  Also, customers of Reddish Pharmacy have the opportunity to receive additional patient services, such as in-depth consultations, medication therapy management, and healthcare screenings, because RxSafe technology frees up human resources. RxSafe systems create a positive cycle that directly affects quality of care in independent pharmacies.

Pharmacy Employees Benefit

In the video clip, Kevin Reddish explains how RxSafe’s technology did not replace people, but rather was a source of personal and professional empowerment. “We did not let anybody go when we had the addition of the RxSafe, even though we probably could have.”  The retained employees’ functions could be redirected from filling prescriptions to fulfilling other important patient services, and the technicians had the opportunity to learn and improve other occupational skills. The RxSafe actually added job security, satisfaction, and skill-set growth for Reddish Pharmacy employees in terms of the scope of their duties.

Security is Peace of Mind

Narcotic inventory security has always been taken seriously at Reddish Pharmacy. Thanks to RxSafe, Kevin Reddish enjoys peace of mind because of the system’s proven, unparalleled item-level security features.  The RxSafe is double-locked.  

Training Technicians and Students Made Easy

RxSafe technology is so well designed, intuitive, and easy to learn, the fill station is the first place new techs and pharmacy students are assigned for training. This increases new employees’ confidence, which makes the overall training go more smoothly. Moreover, pharmacy customers feel assured that they are in good hands when more experienced  staff members help manage their care.

Inventory is Seamless and Accurate

According to Kevin, prior to adding the RxSafe 1800, Reddish Pharmacy was doing 12-14 inventory turns per year. Now it boasts 17-18 turns per year. The RxSafe allows pharmacies to experience savings from avoiding expired products and reducing  carrying costs. With RxSafe, inventory is tracked in real time, so reordering is immediate and only when needed. In addition, remote stock management (outside the RxSafe) is a standard feature; no more extra work caused by tracking inventory in different locations!  The bottom line of seamless and accurate inventory is increased patient care and profits.

Return on Investment

In addition to having more human resources available for additional patient services, which in turn increases earnings, the return on investment brought other immediately realized savings as outlined above. At Reddish Pharmacy, costs were down and profits up as a result of the security, inventory management, and workflow functionality of RxSafe’s technology.  But that’s not the whole ROI story. The capital expense deduction using Internal Revenue Code Section 179 resulted in significant tax savings that made the RxSafe a terrific, cash-producing investment from the very first day.

Kevin Reddish’s firsthand perspective on the many-faceted benefits of the RxSafe 1800 is clearly communicated, and we thank him for sharing it with you.  

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