The RxSafe 1800 Webinar – Everything You Need to Know, Right at Your Fingertips

Here at RxSafe, we are dedicated to providing valuable resources to both our current and potential new customers. One of the many resources we offer is webinars, such as the RxSafe 1800 Demo. To see a demonstration of the RxSafe 1800, an interested pharmacy owner had limited options – until now! Rather than attend a time-consuming (and often-expensive) trade show or travel to the nearest current customer’s location for an in-person demo, the RxSafe 1800 can be fully examined and considered without leaving your desk.  

The RxSafe 1800 webinar offers a live format, with a video feed and screen sharing to demonstrate our user-friendly, state-of-the-art technology. You can see for yourself how RxSafe has revolutionized the accurate, efficient, and secure way to store, track, and dispense prescription drugs. During the webinar, RxSafe experts will walk you through the system features and workflow, so you can understand why at RxSafe, we earnestly say the RxSafe 1800 does "so much more than a vial-filling robot." 

RxSafe 1800

In the RxSafe 1800 Webinar, you will find out how the RxSafe 1800 …

  •         Saves space

The system stocks up to 1,800 bottles in only 15 sq. ft.  A three-tower system holds up to 5,400 stock bottles in 40 sq. ft.  You will see how this well-designed system frees up valuable floor space that can be used for other revenue-generating services and technologies.

  •         Provides narcotics security

The RxSafe 1800 truly is a double-locked “safe” that can limit access to any drug by worker classification, and meets DEA standards for C-II inventory storage. The system automatically tracks narcotics in and out of the safe and creates a log. Reports can be generated at any time.

  •         Ensures accuracy

The RxSafe 1800 can be equipped with the Eyecon optical counting machine, a unique vision counting system that is extremely accurate. The RxSafe also verifies count accuracy by weight inside the machine. Double-counting is automatic.  Moreover, individual user activity is tracked automatically by the system.

  •         Increases technician’s speed and efficiency

Stock bottles are quickly stored and retrieved, enabling the technician to fill up to 120 scripts per hour. In fact, the RxSafe 1800 tracks expiration dates at the item level, and retrieves bottles -- in order of soonest to expire -- the very next time that drug is needed.  All drugs are stored in native packaging, so your pharmacy staff does not have to spend time manually restocking dispensing cells.

  •         Makes tracking and maintaining inventory easy and cost-effective

The RxSafe 1800 actually reduces the need for on-hand inventory because the software keeps track of all stock bottles in the RxSafe, and in remote stock locations, including your refrigerator.  Remote Stock Management is a standard feature of the RxSafe 1800. The RxSafe offers the only available true, perpetual inventory system. It even tracks expiration dates, lot numbers, and slow-moving inventory. That means no more overstocking and waste!    

Here’s how to access the valuable RxSafe 1800 Demo webinar:

  1.  At the top left side of the RxSafe home page, click the green registration bubble. 
  2. On the RxSafe registration page, pick a date and time from the drop down menu Once you’ve selected a convenient date and time, then fill out the brief form below.
  3. Finally, click “register.” You’ll be taken to a confirmation page.  That’s all there is to it.

More Webinars in the Pipeline

At RxSafe, we have an entire webinar series in the works that will cover a variety of valuable and informative topics such as:

  •         Internal Revenue Code Section 179 Decoded. Learn how this powerful, money-saving benefit is applicable to the RxSafe technology.
  •         Training and Support in Action. Hear from satisfied customers about their experiences with the training and support provided by RxSafe.
  •         How to Avoid Remodeling. See how the RxSafe 1800 system’s space-saving and state-of-the-art aesthetics will help make your valuable space more efficient and empower you to generate additional revenue from a wider variety of sources.
  •         Orchestrated and Organized Workflow. Watch and learn how RxSafe technologies positively impact your pharmacy’s workflow.

If you have any questions about the RxSafe 1800 Demo or our other upcoming webinars, please click here or call 877-797-2332. 

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