RxSafe Announces a New Line of Automated Medication Storage and Retrieval Systems for Pharmacies

(San Marcos, Calif. – May 14, 2014) – RxSafe, the leading provider of automated medication storage and retrieval systems for pharmacies, today announced its new line of strip packaging machines, RxASP. Designed to increase pharmacy productivity while decreasing error and time spent tracking inventory, the new RxASP line provides robotic medication strip packaging and is the first of its kind to be made in America. The RxASP family delivers unmatched flexibility. Its modular design accommodates all needs from the busiest institutional pharmacy to a retail store setting.

Designed with convenience and security in mind, the RxASP line enables the packaging of single or multi-dose medications. With the most advanced features available, the RxASP family has four different machines of varying production speeds and storage capacity, ensuring the best solution for any size pharmacy or order volume. All solutions are fully automated and are the first in the industry that don't require trays or filling stations. In addition, all machines can be restocked while fully functioning – eliminating downtime necessary to load trays.

Machines in the RxASP line can accommodate up to 1000 RFID canisters, which equates to fewer errors from hand loading trays and less on-hand inventory of medication. The RxASP line provides a universal RFID canister for all non-loaded oral solid medications including gel caps and half tabs. All systems offer optional integrated machine vision for pouch inspection, without the need for a secondary machine. These features deliver a pharmacy inventory management solution that is unrivaled, delivering higher accuracy and lower costs. Design redundancy eliminates the need for a "spare" lower packaging unit.

"The RxASP line will reduce human error and increase productivity. With the lowest daily operating costs in the industry and pouch outputs that are radically higher than any other model available, the RxASP line will save pharmacies, of all sizes, money and time," said William Holmes, founder and CEO, RxSafe. "With RxSafe's new RxASP line, the industry standard of a one to two percent error rate will become a thing of the past."

Solutions in the RxASP Family include:

  • RxASP 1000 - Accommodates up to 1000 RFID canisters and can produce up to 300 single or multi-dose pouches per minute with 6 independent outputs
  • RxASP 600 - Accommodates up to 600 RFID canisters and can produce up to 200 single or multi-dose pouches per minute with 4 independent outputs
  • RxASP 300 - Accommodates up to 300 RFID canisters and can produce up to 100 single or multi-dose pouches per minute with 2 independent outputs
  • RxASP 20 - Accommodates up to 20 RFID canisters and can produce up to 50 single or multi-dose pouches per minute

All machines in the RxASP family are available immediately. To learn more about the RxASP Line and RxSafe, please visit the company's newly updated website www.rxsafe.com.



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