RxSafe Customer Shares His Experience with RxSafe’s Built-In Vision Inspection System

PakCheckRx is RxSafe’s integrated, real-time vision inspection system that is built into the RapidPakRx adherence strip packager. PakCheckRx optically verifies that the medications dispensed into each pouch are correct.  The machine vision inspection happens in real time in a single workflow step without a secondary machine. PakCheckRx is uniquely able to detect gelcaps and inspect a large number of pills per pouch while keeping up with the 50 multi-med, pouch-per-minute output of RxSafe’s pouch packager.  And the PakCheckRx vision inspection system has the best operator interface on the market.

Jordan Gosney is the owner of Gosney Long Term Care Pharmacy in Hannibal, Missouri, and a satisfied RxSafe customer.  In the video testimonial below, he shares his experience with RxSafe and, in particular, how the integrated vision inspection system makes dispensing drugs fast and accurate.

“If you’re going to look into making a major investment in a machine, RxSafe is a great company to work with.  The system they have out now is the most innovative system, the most complete system out on the market. The thing that I love most about the vision inspection system is that it is a complete package. Unlike the competitors, the inspection system is one unit - you don’t have to take [the strip] to another system to inspect it.  It’s all one unit, all one dispensing. It packages the medication and inspects it simultaneously. So as fast as you can package the medication, it can check the medication, and that cuts out a lot of time in my workflow.” ~Jordan Gosney, Gosney Long Term Care Pharmacy

Here are some of PakCheckRx’s highlighted features:

  • One-pass workflow
  • Unmatched accuracy
  • Inspects up to 50 multi-med pouches per minute
  • Uses no additional pharmacy space (contained within the RapidPakRx)
  • Significantly lower operating costs
  • No need to stock expensive inventory
  • Less expiration waste
  • No refills during a run
  • Easiest cleaning in the industry
  • Enhances overall pharmacy efficiency
  • Improves patient care
  • Increases profitability

To see a video demonstration of how the PakCheckRx works, click here.

PakCheckRx is the integrated vision inspection system that works with the medication adherence automation technology RapidPakRx.  RapidPakRx systems are scalable for any size pharmacy or volume. No more hand-filling trays. No downtime to load. Speed and accuracy mean increased profits and improved patient care.  RapidPakRx also boasts the lowest daily operating costs in the industry.

For more information on these or any of our visionary RxSafe pharmacy automation solutions just call 877-797-2332 or email us at info@rxsafe.com.


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