RxSafe's Robotic Strip Packaging Product Line Featured in RFID Journal

The RxASP 1000's innovative use of RFID in robotic strip packaging was written up recently in the RFID Journal. According to the article,

Standard drug-dispensing machines without RFID have several weaknesses. An individual could put a medication in the wrong canister, which could lead to mistakes in filling orders. What's more, there is no way to be sure of the quantity of a particular medication that workers place into the machine, or the exact number of pills then dispensed to a patient, leaving a company vulnerable to employee theft or errors that could pose significant health risks for patients. The standard system can be slow as well; if a medication runs out, a worker must stop the machine's operation, open it, pull out a tray and measure out the correct number of pills to be refilled into a specific canister. RxSafe does not make such standard systems, which it considers out of date and obsolete. 




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