The Need for Better Pharmacy Automation

Pharmacists understand the importance of automation in order to reduce waste and to save costs. Take a look at some of these nationwide drug & pharmacy statistics*:

pharmacy employee
  • $25 billion are lost to drug theft and diversion each year in the United States
  • Independent pharmacies have about $4.6 billion in excess inventory at any given time
  • Medication errors due to pharmacy mistakes cost $4.4 billion annually
  • 7,000 Americans die every year due to drug dispensing errors (including errors made in hospitals)  

A secure automated system can help to keep track of your inventory at all times, while also reducing prescription filling errors. A robust automated system can also help you to track expiration dates and manage pill counting so that you can avoid the high labor costs that are associated with audits. The RxSafe 1800 system offers you t

he kind of cutting-edge pharmacy automation that you need to improve your business and your bottom line.

Benefits of pharmacy automation for clients

There are many benefits of pharmacy automation, making it easy to understand why many large national chains have adopted these processes. A secure system like the RxSafe 1800 allows you to reduce inventory loss, prevent losses from internal and external theft, and make certain that all of the prescriptions for your customers are filled accurately. The RxSafe 1800 system can also help to improve workflow for your technicians and pharmacists alike. It can fill far more prescriptions per hour than a technician could do alone. The system can store virtually your entire pharmacy's oral solid inventory, and also saves invaluable floor space in your pharmacy so you can provide more profitable services, such as med sync.

Stop expiration waste

The RxSafe 1800 system also allows you to stop the expiration waste that most pharmacists are concerned about. Tracking expiration dates of your inventory can be very time-consuming. Instead of worrying about pulling the medications by hand to check the dates, the RxSafe system tracks them so that you can easily look up a drug's expiration date by using the machine. It also will alert you when it’s time for you to reorder medications so that you keep an adequate stock on hand for your customers.

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Pharmacy automation is the key to greater accuracy, reduced payroll costs, reduced losses and better inventory tracking controls. By choosing the RxSafe 1800 system, you can also provide your employees with the tools they need to do their jobs better and faster, freeing them up for more profitable services and customer face-time. While pharmacy automation used to only be within the reach of large chains, our system is affordable, making it a sound investment for independent pharmacies. To learn more about the RxSafe system and how it might help your pharmacy, call us today at 877.797.2332.

*Sources: Pharmacy Outcomes Specialists, RxSafe internal research, NEHI


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