The Secrets of Their Success: RxSafe 1800 Customers Share Tips and Truths

The RxSafe 1800 is currently improving the level of patient care and increasing profits in pharmacies across the country. Independent pharmacy owners using the RxSafe hold the key to some of the best tips and truths for “unlocking” the many powers of the RxSafe 1800. We asked a few if they’d be willing to share their experiences and best practices. To better serve all of our customers, we have summarized and paraphrased their enthusiastic and informative responses here.

Mike McMahan, McMahan Pharmacy Services in Goldwaite, Texas
Customer Since: March, 2017
Product: RxSafe 1800
Other Automation: None 

pharmacy best practices Mike McMahan (right) of the McMahan Pharmacy in Goldwaite, TX and the RxSafe 1800. Photo courtesy of


  • Test and Train

Fills are fast and accurate with RxSafe. We have a single, dedicated person doing fills, but we keep a few people trained so others can step in as needed. We found that we can fill up to 200 scripts per hour with our system. We don’t always do it, but we tested it to see if we could. By testing methods and training additional techs, we ensured that we could maximize our speed and accuracy.

  • Focus on Regular Inventory Control

“We strongly recommend running reports at regular intervals. We do it once a week to see what drugs aren’t moving or are potentially close to expiration. It turned out to be a huge thing. We recommend doing this from the beginning. We have one employee who does this during slower times of day. We don’t have to go looking at each thing on a shelf; the system does that. We just run the report. It identifies what we can return to wholesaler for immediate credit. Otherwise, we’d have money sitting on a shelf. Turns are huge for our bottom line. The more turns, the more profits. “It’s a boogey bear on your back to have drugs on the shelf you aren’t going to use.”

  • Use the Tools

Explore and utilize all of the tools that the RxSafe 1800 provides. It’s easy to learn. Every task goes much faster. I can’t say enough about that.

Sangita Patel, Clinic Pharmacy in Columbus, Ohio
Customer Since: July, 2017
Product: RxSafe 1800
Other Automation: None

  • Be Hands On

“Don’t leave it for someone else to figure out your pharmacy’s specific needs.” Be there to make key decisions for yourself because you know your business best. As a business owner, you can’t write a check and expect overnight success. You have to get involved. Work together with RxSafe to determine what is the best way to do things. For example, after installation we set up our workflow in a way that wasn’t ideal for us. So, we asked RxSafe to come back and assist. They came. The results have been great.

RxSafe automation

  • Be Clear About Your Unique Workflow

My business model, as a pharmacy in a doctor’s office building, is for patients to come fill their prescriptions after seeing their physician. We have to emphasize workflow so patients aren’t waiting any more than necessary. Mondays before 2 pm, we may have 700 prescriptions to fill. It is an art. The business owner has to be involved and make instructions for workflow clear in order to keep up the pace.

  • Join Forces with RxSafe

You know your pre-robotics workflow better than anyone. When you make the decision to bring robotics in, you already have a goal to speed up the workflow to save time and labor costs. We asked RxSafe to help us incorporate the successful aspects of our prior routine into a new and improved workflow with our robotics. After six months, I can see a phenomenal difference in fill time, accuracy, and labor costs. These improvements are visible. RxSafe delivered. Clinic Pharmacy has achieved the goals I set before purchasing the robotics. I can say with confidence that before 3 pm on a Monday, 700 prescriptions will be accurately filled.

Brian Garner, Hendricks Pharmacy in Claremont, California
Customer since: October, 2016
Product: RxSafe 900 (1-Tower System) in 2 separate locations.
Other automation: Vial filling robot

  • Maximize Your Available Space

The compact design of the RxSafe helped me open up 100 square feet of additional retail space. The additional sales have definitely helped me recapture the cost of the RxSafe. We also realized that we could improve our workflow and open up additional space for other tasks. For example, we needed more room for data entry, so we freed up space by eliminating rows and rows of shelves to make countertops for that purpose.

  • Train Employees in a Variety of Tasks

“Training is simple with the RxSafe. It’s not rocket science.” The RxSafe 1800 is easy to use. We have a couple of senior employees assigned to large tasks, but others are trained too. Of our seventeen employees in the store, about half know how to use the RxSafe in some capacity.

Mark Mula, Mula Family Pharmacy in Abbeville, Louisiana
Customer Since: September, 2016
Product: RxSafe 1800
Other automation: None

  • Expand Your Programs and Services

The technician time saved with the RxSafe 1800 means that we can have our technicians doing other revenue producing projects for us. We’re about to start a Meds-to-Beds program with a local hospital. We do a 340B program. We do a lot of MTM. Our pharmacy is now ranked 99th percentile in the country, and it is because we freed up a technician to make phone calls and follow up with patients.

  • Check on Your Insurance Rates

With the RxSafe, I knew that loss from theft and diversion would be greatly reduced and even eliminated in many cases. I met with my insurance agent. He wanted to know about automation in our pharmacy. When I mentioned we had the RxSafe, he informed me that there would be a reduction in our monthly rate.

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