J&M Pharmacy’s Kevin Faust: Why I Recommend RxSafe to Other Owners

Kevin Faust is one of hundreds of satisfied customers in the RxSafe family.  He has owned and operated J&M Pharmacy in Oneonta, Alabama for eight years. J&M Pharmacy fills an average of 250 prescriptions per day, ranging from 150 to 600 scripts on any given day. Kevin recommends RxSafe to other pharmacy owners, and in the video linked below, he explains why.  Here is a recap.

Accuracy & Speed Lead to the Best Possible Patient Care

With RxSafe, there is an accurate count of each and every prescription, which gives Kevin Faust and other pharmacy owners the assurance that patients are receiving the best possible care. RxSafe pharmacy owners know that a single technician at an RxSafe 1800™ station can fill up to 120 scripts per hour accurately. For J&M Pharmacy, on their busiest days, two to three technicians can fill 600 prescriptions in two to three hours! Moreover, less fill and restocking labor, combined with no searching for lost items, means all patients can get their medications quickly and correctly.

Less Staff Needed for Fills Means More Staff Available for Other Tasks

At J&M Pharmacy, prior to installation of the RxSafe pharmacy automation technology, three to five techs were required for completing fills. Now J&M only needs two to three techs to complete fills, and the fills are completed more accurately.  This frees up pharmacy employees for additional programs that in turn mean more revenue and better patient care for the pharmacy and its customers.

Space Saved Means Space Available for Revenue-Producing Programs and Products

Of the many features that have been a boon to J&M Pharmacy and other RxSafe customers, one is the systems’ aesthetically pleasing, space-saving design. A two-tower RxSafe 1800 system not only sends a visual message to customers of the highest professional standards, but it also holds up to 3600 stock bottles in 30 square feet of space.  The space saved at J&M Pharmacy by using the RxSafe system is now being used for services such as bubble packing, compounding, and convenience packaging for their long-term care and assisted-living facility customers, generating other revenue-producing programs and products.  RxSafe customers also benefit from our design services , which include customized workflow environments that are unique to each independent pharmacy owner.  Read more about RxSafe’s design services here.

Security Concerns are Met

At J&M Pharmacy, security had not been a problem prior to the installation of its RxSafe system, but it was a concern.  That concern has been all but eliminated with RxSafe.  Prescriptions are safe and there is no worry about skimming.  The system automatically tracks narcotics in and out of the safe and creates a log. Reports can be generated at any time.  The RxSafe is so secure it has been approved by the U.S. Department of Defense for CII narcotics storage and dispensing.

Inventory Management is Effective

One of the RxSafe features of significant value to Kevin is Inventory Management.  Kevin’s words from the video:

“We are able to more effectively manage our inventory since the RxSafe [was installed] because we know what we have on hand, and what we have available. We have all the medications available at our fingertips. One convenient thing we have available to us is expires on hand, and that we can run a quick report of any expires that we can send back before they expire or short-dated items that we can send back that’s not going to sit there and collect dust.  The feature that I like most about RxSafe is that we have accurate, on-hand inventory at all times.”

Return on Investment Realized in the First Year

J&M Pharmacy realized a return on investment within the first year, thanks to several factors.

  • Reduced labor for fills means savings
  • Technicians available for other revenue-producing tasks
  • Accuracy in fills means no waste
  • Space available for other revenue-generating programs

Additionally, RxSafe customers can take advantage of tax savings and accelerated depreciation in the new federal tax code -- in the same year they purchase an RxSafe system. Read about the available IRS Code Section 179 deduction here.  Read more about return on investment (ROI) here.

Quality of Care Improved

At J&M Pharmacy, the quality of patient care has improved since its RxSafe system was installed. Technicians previously utilized for fills are able to counsel, consult, and discuss potential interactions with patients  Employees and space are available for other services, programs, and products. Accurate and speedy fills mean patients get the correct medications and amounts with less wait time.

RxSafe Beats the Competition

Here’s another quote from Kevin, directly from the video:

“We chose RxSafe over the competition because we could actually use up to 70% to 75% of our medications through the RxSafe. We know everything is secure, it is compact, and it is clean because it stays in the bottle that we get it in.  And we can save labor because we can use those technicians to do other projects that we want in the pharmacy for additional revenue.”

Kevin Faust Recommends RxSafe

“I would recommend RxSafe to anyone who is looking for accurate, clean, and secure automation.”

Click below to watch the entire J&M Pharmacy video and hear what Kevin Faust has to say about his positive experience with RxSafe, and why he recommends it to others. 

If you would like more information about the RxSafe 1800 or other RxSafe pharmacy automation products and services, please contact us via our web form or call 877-797-2332.  We would be happy to speak with you and deliver a live, in-person or online demonstration.


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